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Bengawan Bojonegoro Festival

Waktu : September 2016

This is  a series of events or activities to commemorate the anniversary of Bojonegoro that held on 1 - 20 September 2016

Ider-Ider Uluk Salam Bengawan

Time: September 1, 2016, GMT. 12:00 to 18:30
Location: Padang village, Trucuk district.  - TBS (City) - Disbudpar Bojonegoro Office

This is spiritual activities which are replicas of ancient culture, led by religious leaders and spiritual leaders to prepare Tumpeng along the river which contain of unliving material, followed by sailing the Bengawan Solo river using traditional rituals and culture of Java

Bengawan Soccer

Time: 3-10 September 2016, Pk. 15:00 to 18:30
Location: Ledok Kulon village, district. Bojonegoro

Bengawan Soccer is a new activities that undertaken in 2016 This soccer is held in uncommon place, which is in the banks of the Bengawan Solo river sand ramps, or by the locals called 'Gisikan'. This activity is an attempt to provide recreational and educational event because it is played by children of elementary school.

Bengawan Cultural Event

Time: 17 September 2016, Pk.19.00
Location: Ledok Kulon Village and TBS (City)

This activity lasted a full day, starting with the Mini Cross (BMX bikes) and followed by crosser from Bojonegoro and surrounding and it continued with Bengawan Soccer final. All this activities is held on the banks of the Bengawan Solo river that crosses Bojonegoro area.

Dolanan Festival

Time: 18 September 2016, Pk.08.00
Location: Ledok Kulon village, district. Bojonegoro

There are numbers of Dolanan activities are held in this Bengawan Solo, including the Sand Sculpture, Floating Boat Modifications, Drawing Competition and Bluron Carnival

Kites Festival

Time: 19 September 2016
Location: Bendung Gerak, Padang village, Trucuk district

This is a kite parade and kites decorative contest which preceded by recording record swimming race across the Bengawan Solo.

Decorative Boat Parade

Time: 20 September 2016 pk.09.00 - 18:30
Location: Bendung Gerak Padang village, Trucuk district - TBS (City)

This is a colossal activity that contain of ornamental boat parade and travel boat parade involving by residents around the location.

Bojonegoro Cultural Parade

Time: September / October 2016
Location: Malawapati Hall, Jl. Mas Tumapel

Bojonegoro Cultural Parade is an effort of development and utilization of local arts and culture to preserve the history and traditions in everyday life

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Blitar City

Saturday Night Cultural arts performances

Time: Every Sunday Night
Points: PIPP Blitar City, Gebang Palace

Saturday Night Cultural arts performances is a weekly art show that performed by a group of traditional arts from each village in Blitar interchangeably. These art shows are intended as a form of nguri - nguri or preserving the traditional art of Javanese culture that still exist, as well as the anticipation of extinction

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Reyog Performance During Full Moon

Time: Saturday, September 17, 2016
Location: Main Stage Alun Alun Ponorogo

This reog performance is held regularly every night during the full moon on the date of 14th, night 15th of Javanese month. The full moon Reyog Performance begins with the appearance of the dance studios that been scheduled participating these activities. The peak of the event closed with p Reyog  performance that starts at 20.00 s / d 23:00 pm.

Leather puppet Performance at the end of the month

Time: 24 September 2016
This is a leather puppet performance that held every end of each month

Grebeg Suro And National Reyog Festival

Time: September 25, s / d October 1, 2016
Location: Main Stage Ponorogo Square

Grebeg suro is an annual event that celebrated on 1 Muharram (1 Suro in Javanese) to commemorate the arrival of the new year and give gratitude to Islam New Year. At this event, there is also National Reyog Festival, followed by Reyog studio group from all over Indonesia.

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Pasuruan Regency

Yadnya Karo

Time: 17 September 2016
Venue: District Tosari, Kab. Pasuruan

Yadnya Karo is Tengger Hindu religious ceremony to commemorate the creation of the universe. Yadnya Karo is conducted in Karo month according to Tengger tribe calendar and at this event,  Tengger people using the Hindu custom clothing, which is black dress with a headband or udeng.

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Malang City

The Election of Kakang Mbakyu Tourism Ambassador

Time: Week 1, September 2016
Points: Graha horizon Malang University

This is the Selection of tourism Ambassador Malang that becomes the frontier in promoting tourism in Malang.

Cultural Arts Parade in Tareko

Time: September 2016
Place: Malang Recreation Park (Tareko)

Performing arts performances regularly at Recreation Park Malang

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Kediri Regency

Kediri Lokal Koi Show 2016

Time: 10 - 11 September 2016
Points: Pranggang village, Plosoklaten district., Kediri

This is the event of APKI (Indonesian Koi Lovers Association) that been held in several cities in Indonesia to promote and to  introduce to the general public about koi carp as freshwater fish ornamental value. This activity is an exhibition of koi fish from number of categories.

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Seblang Bakungan

Time: 21 September 2016, Pk. 19:00 pm
Location: Village Bakungan, district. glagah

The Seblang traditional ceremony is custom traditional by using the media of ritual dancing, music and poetry typical of  Osing tribe, Banyuwangi. The aim of this traditional ceremony is a  ritual for cleaning the village and the village reinforcements in order to safe and peaceful.

Gandrung Sewu Festival

Time: September 2016, Pk.14.00 pm
Location: Boom Beach district. Banyuwangi

This is a traditional dance performance (Dance gandrung) that involving 1000 people. All those dancers are wearing traditional costume with bright and distictive colors.

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Malang Regency

Petik Laut Ceremony Sendang Biru

Time: September 2016
Points: Beaches Sendangbiru

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Semeru Agung Festival

Time: September
Points: Wantilan Pura Agung Semeru Mandaragiri

Semeru Agung festival is an harmony activity, creativity, work and culture embodied in the title of music, dance and cultural workshop.

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Blitar Regency

Purnama Seruling Penataran  Show

Waktu : September 2016
Location:  Penataran Tourism Area

This is a routine activity that carried out three months by the Arts Council of Blitar during the full moon, to bring foreign artists and local areas.

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Ngawi Specta Night Carnival

Time: September 2016
Place: Jl. Protocol, Ngawi

These activities are carried out in order to celebrate Visit Ngawi Year 2017 in the form of Cultural Parade at night in an effort to promote tourism, culture and art featured product

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Pasuruan Regency

Horse race Regent Cup

Time: September 2016
Venue: Ki Ageng Astro Joyo racetrack arena, Cobanjoyo Village, District Kejayan, Pasuruan

This is a national level of horse race competition, by winning the Regent Cup III. It is held to commemorate the 1087th anniversary of Pasuruan in 2016

Pasuruan Art And Culture Carnival

Time: September 2016
Places: District Pandaan, Pasuruan

This event is held every year to commemorate the 1087  anniversary of Pasuruan by held a parade and cultural arts activities from each district that showing the excellent potential as well as arts and culture

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Probolinggo Regency

Pekalen Festival

Time: September 2016
Location: Gading, Tiris

This is the event for showing the ability crossing the Pekalen river, and including the three operators: Songa adventure, Regulo and Noars

Amazing Race

Time: September 2016
Location: Sukapura

A race which was attended by participants / groups to travel from one tourist attraction to another via the choosen routes that have been determined by the committee.

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Probolinggo City

SPKP (Semarak Pagi Kota Probolinggo)

Time: Once every month
Location: Different for each Event

Semarak Pagi Kota Probolinggo  is a street bazaar that been held by the City of Probolinggo in every month. There are arious kinds of excellent products also exhibited in these activities; it starts from  5:30 to 11:00 pm. These activities are oriented to explore the potential of social economy through an active role on education and the private sector in community empowerment.

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Cleaning the Bagong Dam ritual

Time: September 2016
Location: Menak Sopal Tomb and Bagong Dam in Surodakan Village, Trenggalek

Every Friday Kliwon (Javanese Calender), the people in 2 sub-districts and 11 villages held Cleaning the Bagong dam ritual, as an expression of gratitude to God Almighty and to commemorate the founfer of Bagong Dam , Menak Sopal

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Kite Festival

Time: Month September 2016
Points: Edupark Pakuwon City Open Area (University of Widya Mandala).

This is the festival featuring the creativity of decorative kites participants from various shapes and combined with striking colors that creating an attractive landscape

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Wayang Purwo Performance

Time: September 2016
Points: 10 subdistricts in the district. Nganjuk

This is performance of Wayang Purwo that periodically been held as an intended to preserve the culture.

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The Election of Kacong Jebbing Tourism Ambassador 2016

Time: September-October, 2016
Place: Rato Ebuh Building & GOR SAKA Bangkalan

This election of Kacong Jebbing tourism Ambassador Bangkalan is an opportunity to show the ability of Bangkalan youngsters  in the field of arts and culture.

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