August Tourism Calendar

Blitar Regency

Panji Daerah Parade

Location: Ronggo Hadinegoro Great Hall, Blitar
Time: August 5, 2016

This is the series of Blitar Anniversary that begin with Panji-Panji and Pusaka Blitar parade from the Penataran temple complex to the Ronggo Hadinegoro Great Hall.

Seni Pesona Bumi Penataran Show

Time: August 2016
Location: Penataran Temple Complex

This show is the event series of Blitar Anniversary featuring the distinctive art and cultural attractions of Blitar and traditional dnace that visualize the story in Penataran temple.

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Blitar City

Saturday Night Cultural arts performances

Time: Every Sunday Night
Points: PIPP Blitar City, Gebang Palace

Saturday Night Cultural arts performances is a weekly art show that performed by a group of traditional arts from each village in Blitar interchangeably. These art shows are intended as a form of nguri - nguri or preserving the traditional art of Javanese culture that still exist, as well as the anticipation of extinction

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Tourism Photography Contest

Time: August 7, 2016
Location: Wijaya Kusuma Park, Sampang

This is the Contest of Madura travel Photo that held in conjunction with Nature Tourism photographic exhibition, Culture and Culinary of Sampang and On The Spot Batik Madura photo competition by displaying Batik Madura fashion design

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Series of Ponorogo Anniversary

Time: 7 - August 11, 2016
Location: Main Stage City Square, Ponorogo regency

This is Ponorogo Anniversary that celebrated with cultural events, religious events, exhibitions, cultural and Reog Mini festivals as tourism and cultural promotion efforts for tourism potential in Ponorogo.

Reyog performance at Ngebel Lake

Time: Saturday, August 13, 2016, at 19:00, Pier Ngebel Lake
Location: Main Stage, Ponorogo Square

This is the performance of Reog traditional art from Ponorogo that been held regularly around Ngebel Lake, one of the famous tourism destination in Ponorogo

Reog Performance at Full Moon

Time: Thursday, August 18, 2016
Location: Main Stage, Ponorogo Square

This reog performance is held regularly every night during the full moon on the date of 14th, night 15th of Javanese month. The full moon Reyog Performance begins with the appearance of the dance studios that been scheduled participating these activities. The peak of the event closed with p Reyog  performance that starts at 20.00 s / d 23:00 pm.


Time: Saturday, August 20, 2016, hours 19:00 hrs. s / d completed
Location: Arts Building, Jl. Pramuka 19 A Ponorogo

Leather puppet Performance at the end of the month

Time: August 27, 2016
A leather puppet show that performed at the end of each month

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Pasuruan Regency

Tretes Festival

Time: 10-16 August 2016
Place: Prigen district, Pasuruan

Tretes Festival is held for six days with various activities like  fashion show, cooking competition, culinary festival, coloring contest and marathon race 'Tretes Night Run 10k ' as the top event on August 16

Grebeg Memetri

Time: August 18, 2016
Place: Wonosari, Tutur District, Pasuruan

This is the thanksgiving ceremony by Wonosari villagers as an expression of gratitude to God Almighty for abundant harvests and avoided disaster. The series of activities are: - Local Products Fair, - Cultural Carnival, - Performing Arts, - Kirap Ancak crops, - The head cattle burian

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Mojokerto Regency

Student Culture Art Festival

Time: 12-13 August 2016 Student Party Theatre

This event is an effort to enhance the activities of the Cultural Arts among students. The Government of Mojokerto Regency held the Festival of Arts and Culture, specially in theater and music in order to enhance the creativity,  innovation and productivity among students.

Leather puppet

Waktu : Agustus 2016
Sunan Pangkat Tomb complex, Krapyak, Pacet.

Wayang kulit is a traditional Indonesian puppet arts that developed in Java. Shadow puppets played by a puppeteer and accompanied by gamelan music and sang by Sinden. Mojokerto regency has the potential Dalang that united in PEPADI (Association of Indonesian puppetry) Mojokerto. This event is held for Mojokerto and Indonesia Anniversary of Independence day.

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Ceprotan Traditional Ceremony

Time: Every Dzulqaidah month, Monday Pahing (Javanese calender) 2016
Points: Sekar village, Donorojo sub- district.  Kab. Pacitan

Ceprotan ceremony is a ritual ceremony from Pacitan society, especially Sekar village Donorojo subdistrict, which is always held every year in Dzulqaidah (Longkang), on Monday Kliwon.  The event was organized to commemorate the founder of Sekar village, Dewi Sekartaji and Panji Asmoro Bangun through cleaning village activities. The ceremony is believed to keep the village from disaster and facilitating the agricultural activities.

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Hari Jadi Bondowoso (Harjabo) Bondowoso Anniversary

Time: 25 Shawwal (August 2016)
Venue: RBA Ki Ronggo Square, Bondowoso

This is the series of events in commemoration of Bondowoso Day, which is held each year by performing numbers of tourist activities, arts & culture and showing the potential superior product in the regency.

Superior Livestock Contest in Bondowoso

Time: August 2016
Venue: RBA Ki Ronggo Square, Bondowoso

This is a routine event presenting superior quality livestock competition (cattle) that followed by farmers from various area in Bondowoso and other cities. This activity aims to improve the quality of livestock into more superior and qualified.

Bondowoso Zaman Doeloe

Time: August 2016
Venue: RBA Ki Ronggo Square, Bondowoso

This activity is series of Bondowoso Anniversary, which showing the nobility and the grandeur of Bondowoso culture at earlier times. At this event, there are series of events & expo / exhibition with vintage nuance.

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Indonesia Independent Day

Time: August 17, 2016
Location: Mahameru Peak, Mount Semeru, Pasrujambe district

This is the tradition of having flag ceremony at the top of Mahameru (Gunung Semeru) in order to commemorate the independence of Indonesia.

Indonesia Independent Day

Time: August 17, 2016
Location: B29 Peak, Argosari village, Senduro district

This is aflag ceremony that held at the peak of B29 (the land above the clouds) in commemoration of the Independence of Indonesia by nature lovers from both local and abroad.

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Nyadar Ceremony

Time: 19 to 20 August, 2016
Location: West Kebundadap Village, Saronggi district.  Sumenep

Nyadar is a traditional ceremony from Pinggir Papas Village and Karanganyar village to honor local community leaders named Angga Suta. This event is being held 2 to 3 times in one year. Contac Person: Sukaryo (081913762000)

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Malang City

Malang Flower Carnival

Time: Week 3, August 2016
Place: Ijen Boulevard, Malang

This is the event that performing the contemporary flower design in various ways to be in parade

Decorative Festival Vehicles

Time: the 4th Week of August, 2016
Place: Start from Malang City Hall

This is the exhibition of various decorated vehicles that followed by various stages of society in Malang

Malang Culinary Festival

Time: August 2016
Place: Tlogomas Recreation Park, Malang

Festival / traditional culinary competition in East Java, especially malang signature dishes

Cultural Parade in UPT Tareko

Time: August 2016
Place: Malang Recreation Park

This event is Performing arts show that regularly been held every first Sunday of each month at Malang Recreation Park

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Egrang Tanoker Festival

Time: August 2016
Points: Ledokombo Sub-district - Jember

This Egrang Festival is held by Tanoker, a study group and a children's playground, that regularly held every year, in Ledokombo Subdistrict square, Jember

Jember Fashion Carnival

Time: 24 - August 28, 2016
Place: Jember square - GOR PKPSO Building

Jember FC is a fashion event that symbolizes the creativity of young people in Jember. This idea was first brought by Dynand Fariz, a fashion designer born in Jember. Since 2011 JFC has grown into an international event, and followed by various community groups such as: students, college students and even housewives with their own schemes of design clothes and walk into the runway for along the 3.6 km.

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Siraman Seniman Langen Tayub Tuban

Time: August 24, 2016
Place: Bektiharjo Natural Baths, Semanding, Tuban

This is the cultural activities in order to preserve the traditional art of Langen tayub Tuban, in the form of bath ritual that is followed by all Langen Tayub performers in Tuban

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Madiun Regency


Time: August 2016
Points: Madiun government center in Mejayan

This event was first implemented in 2014 as a sign of the movement Madiun government center in Mejayan. In this 2016 will be carried on series of Tourism and Culture Festival to commemorate this Boyong Madiun.

East Java Cultural Parade

Time: August 2016
Tempat :

East Java Culture and Arts Parade is an annual event that organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism of East Java province with Jatim Specta Night theme, followed by Regency / City in East Java.

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Sunan Drajat Death Anniversary

Time: August 2016
Location: Tomb of Sunan Drajad

An activity that aims to commemorate the death of Sunan Drajad in the form of reading the holy Quran.

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Jaranan Turangga yaksa Festival / Trenggalek Open Festival 2016

Time: August 2016
Location: Trenggalek Square

Yaksa Turangga Festival is an event for creative expression, fostering educative and competitive event. Yaksa Turangga Festival is always held every year in commemoration of the Independence Day and the anniversary of  Trenggalek

Trenggalek Anniversary

Time: August 31, 2016
Location: Mangala Praja Nugraha Hall, Trenggalek

Based on the Kamulan inscription, Trenggalek was established in the year 1194 AD. Hence, every year the Anniversary of Trenggalek will celebrated by the people in Pendapa Mangala Praja Nugraha Trenggalek with numbers of traditional art & culture performances.

Larung Sembonyo Traditional Ritual

Time: August s / d September 2016
Location: Prigi beach, District of Watulimo, Trenggalek

Larung Sembonyo Traditional Ritual is held by local fishermen every month, as an expression of gratitude to God Almighty of the fishing communities as well as wedding anniversaries of Raden Tumenggung Yudho Negoro, a chief warrior of Mataram with GambaI princess, who allegedly managed to open the bay area of Prigi as residential areas.

Longkangan Kupatan Traditional Ritual

Time: August s / d in September 2016
Location: Blado Beach, Sumbreng Beach, Ngampiran beach and Ngadipuro Beach , district. Munjungan, Trenggalek

This is the following celebration after Eid Mubarak, or known as Kupatan. This tradition is been held since ancient time and will carries on through next generation.

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Ulur-Ulur Ceremony

Time: August to September, 2016 (Selo)
Location: Telaga Buret, Sawo Village, Campur Darat sub-district

Ulur-Ulur ceremony is held every year precisely on Friday Pon or Friday Legi in Selo (Javanese calendar), as an expression of gratitude to Almighty God for giving the abundant stream in Buret Lake along the dry season.

Labuh Laut Traditional Ritual

Time: August to September, 2016 (Selo)
Location: Sine Beach, Kalidawir subdistrict

This is the ritual of gratitude to God Almighty, because every year given the results of abundant fish to be harvested..

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Wayang Purwo

Time: August 2016
Points: 10 subdistricts in the district. Nganjuk

This is performance of Wayang Purwo that periodically been held as an intended to preserve the culture.

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Probolinggo City

SPKP (Semarak Pagi Kota Probolinggo)

Time: Once every month
Location: Kota Probolinggo

Semarak Pagi Kota Probolinggo  is a street bazaar that been held by the City of Probolinggo in every month. There are arious kinds of excellent products also exhibited in these activities; it starts from  5:30 to 11:00 pm. These activities are oriented to explore the potential of social economy through an active role on education and the private sector in community empowerment.

Semipro (Seminggu di kota Probolinggo) - A Week in Probolinggo

Time: August s / d September
Location: Probolinggo Town Square

Semipro is an annual tourist event that held by Probolinggo local government, by showing as many as 40 types of activities that being held within one week, which include arts and culture, entertainment, exhibitions, competitions and culinary

Brujul Bull Race

Time: August s / d September
Location: Curah Grinting Field and Laweyan, Probolinggo

Brujul bull-races is one of the traditional arts, a distinctive performing arts from Probolinggo city. The activity is also became regular agenda for welcoming tourists in cruises.

Red Bull Race

Time: August s / d September
Location: Jl. Progo, Triwung Kidul Kota Probolinggo

Karapan Sapi Merah is also one of tourist attractions in Probolinggo, part of semipro events. Karapan Sapi Merahh  comes from the island of Madura, which becomes one of tourist attractions by domestic and foreign tourists. Different with common Kerapan Sapi, at this event is using smaller cow to run the competition.

Kerapan Kambing / Goat Race

Time: August s / d September
Location: Jl. Progo, Triwung

Karapan Kambing is also one of toursits attractions from Probolinggo, that regularly held in the city of Probolinggo and other areas. Karapan goat is very unique: a pair of goats are released simultaneously and is followed by a goat rider that running behind the goat.

SMEs Products exhibition

Time: August s / d September
Location: Probolinggo Town Square

This is an exhibition for SMEs products and becomes a permanent agenda on semipro event in Kota Probolinggo.

Cultural parade

Time: August s / d September
Location: Probolinggo Office Mayor

This is the peak event from Semipro event in Probolinggo. This cultural parade is held as one of tourism attractions that showing the potential things that Probolinggo has.

Probolinggo Culinary Parade

Time: August s / d September
Location: Probolinggo Town Square

Settled in strategic position, Probolinggo has fantastic culinary appeal, which coming from different influence of many regions and ethnic (Arab ethnic cuisine, Pendalungan ethnic and Chinese), it makes rich in taste and variant. This culinary parade is also part of semipro event

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Probolinggo Regency

North Shore Arts Festival (FKPU)

Time: August 2016

This is the event to show the traditional art performance, in the form of art and culture parade and exhibit the potential of each district / city that located on the North coast, in an effort to improve the creativity and quality of human resources, especially artists, creators and young people and society

Mountain Bike Jamboree

Time: August 2016
Location: Lumbang, Sukapura

Thi is a cycling event which is followed by a cycling club in East Java through tourist attraction in Probolinggo

Kite Festival

Time: August 2016

Thi is an event that displays various kinds of creative kites in Probolinggo that been held in one of Probolingo tourist attraction.

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