July Tourism Calendar


Malam Slawe

Time: The 25th night of fasting Ramadan 2016
Sites: Sunan Giri grave Site, Giri village, Kebomas district

Slawe night is an activity which is held by the people of Giri village and the surrounding areas on the 25th night fasting in holy month of Ramadan, because it believes that is the night  of Laylat al-Qadr downs.

Milkfish Market

Time: Day 27 during fasting month of Ramadan 2016

Bandeng or milkfish market is held in order to welcome the victory of Eid Mubarak, and as gratitude for the success in fasting, as well as expert contest from the milkfish farmers in the North coastal areas such as Gresik, Lamongan and Tuban in maintaining the fish.

Okol / Traditional Wrestle

Time: 7 days after Hari Raya Idul Fitri 2016
Place: Setro Village, Menganti district

This is the tradition of "OKOL" or traditional wrestling which is held every year, is a manifestation or embodiment of the gratitude of the Setro villagers ,Menganti Subdistrict, Gresik to the grace of Almighty God for the harvest that obtained annually.

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Barong Ider Bumi

Time: July 7, 2016 at 12.30 pm
Location: Kemiren village, Glagah district.

Barong Ider Bumi is a routine activity in Osing communities in Kemiren Village that bee held  every year, on the 2nd day of Eid. In this activity there si Barong procession that carried away around the village (in order to cleaning the village), in the hope that God will provide the safety and well-being. Barong is a mask shaped, a frightening depiction of animals in Osing mitologie that believed to be the epitome of kindness that has the ability to repel evil influences. Barong is played by two people with gamelan and it usually used for the procession of people like carried the bride or circumcision.

Seblang OLehsari

Time: 11- 17 July, 2016, pk.13.00 pm
Location: Village Olehsari, Glagah district.

Seblang is an activity to clean the village to refuse reinforcements that realized in the form of sacred art performance of "Seblang". Seblang Olehsari played by young women for 7 days in a row, in a state of unconsciousness. There are 28 ending or instrument that been played and sung by 28 several sinden or traditional women singer.

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Daul Dugdug Music Festival

Time: July 16, 2016 (H + 7 Idul Fitri)
Location: Sampang

This is the traditional art of the Madurese who often played in the fasting month which aims to awaken people for sahur or starting meal before fasting. Daul Dug-Dug is consists of giant ogoh-ogoh that accompanied by traditional music that creates a dynamic rhythm. This is an annual event after the Eid al-Fitr (celebration Telasan Topak / Lebaran Ketupat).

Petik Laut Procession (TASE ROKAT ')

Time: July 24, 2016
Location: Ketapang district and Sreseh District

This is the form of gratitude by the fishermen, that are generally located in the southern coastal of Sampang district, on abundant marine products. This tradition is in the form of float an offering to the sea accompanied  Madura traditional distinctive art like Saronen music, Mowang Sangkal dance, etc.

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Reyog Performance During Full Moon

Time: Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Location: Main Stage Alun Alun Ponorogo

This reog performance is held regularly every night during the full moon on the date of 14th, night 15th of Javanese month. The full moon Reyog Performance begins with the appearance of the dance studios that been scheduled participating these activities. The peak of the event closed with p Reyog  performance that starts at 20.00 s / d 23:00 pm.

Leather puppet Performance at the end of the month

Time: July 30, 2016
Lokasi :

This is a leather puppet that been performed in the end of each month.

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Blitar City

Saturday Night Cultural arts performances

Time: Every Saturday Night
Points: PIPP Blitar City, Gebang Palace

Saturday Night Cultural arts performances is a weekly art show that performed by a group of traditional arts from each village in Blitar interchangeably. These art shows are intended as a form of nguri - nguri or preserving the traditional art of Javanese culture that still exist, as well as the anticipation of extinction.

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Pasuruan City

Petik Laut Procession

Time: July 2016, Ketupat Idul Fitri (Hari Raya + 7)
Location: Pasuruan Seaport, Ngemplakrejo Village,  District of Panggungrejo

At this event, the society and local government are together to ride traditional boat that has been decorated before. It headed out to the sea to witness the release of the offerings. This activity is the series of Pasuruan Anniversary that runs regularly every.

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Pasuruan Regency


Time: July 2016
Points: Lekok Beach, Pasuruan

This is the traditional sport of skiing on mud that carried by Letok Coastal fisherman communities which is held every year, exactly seven days after Idul Fitri (Hari Raya Ketupat)

Yadnya Kasada

Time: 20-21 July 2016
Place: Bromo Mt Tourism area,  Pasuruan Regency

Yadnya Kasada or  just Kasado is a traditional ceremony from Tengger tribe, that conducted once every year (according to Hindu Tengger calendar), namely when it entered the moon of Kasada and precisely on the 14th day. Yadnya Kasada ceremony is the provision of offerings to the God or Sang Hyang Widhi and the ancestors of Tengger (Goddess Roro Anteng and Joko Seger).

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Wayang Purwo Performance

Time: July 2016
Points: 10 subdistricts in the district. Nganjuk

This is performance of Wayang Purwo that periodically been held as an intended to preserve the culture

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Time: July 2016
Place: Mandhara Giri Semeru Agung temple, Senduro Village, Senduro district

Mandhara Giri Semeru Agung temple is an elder temple in Southeast Asia that has an agenda of Piodalan / religious ritual which is celebrated every year. In piodalan also held arts activities both from Java and from Bali were followed by thousands of Hindus in Indonesia and Asean

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Probolinggo Regency


Time: July 2016
Location: Mount Bromo

This is a religious ceremony that is celebrated every year, by the Tengger community in the area of Mount Bromo as a form of gratitude towards God Almighty Widi

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Madiun City

The Election of Kakang And Mbakyu Tourism Ambassador Madiun

Time: July 2016
Location: Madiun

This activity is held in order to increase the empowerment of youth in the field of tourism, this is also the expectation to produce a tourism ambassador to promote tourism potential that available in Madiun

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Probolinggo City

SPKP (Semarak Pagi Kota Probolinggo)

Time: Once every month
Location: Probolinggo city

Semarak Pagi Kota Probolinggo  is a street bazaar that been held by the City of Probolinggo in every month. There are arious kinds of excellent products also exhibited in these activities; it starts from  5:30 to 11:00 pm. These activities are oriented to explore the potential of social economy through an active role on education and the private sector in community empowerment.

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Time: 22 - July 23, 2016
Location: West Kebundadap Village, Saronggi district.  Sumenep regency

Nyadar is a traditional ceremony from Pinggir Papas village community and Karanganyar village to honor local community’s leader named AnggaSuta that being held 2 to 3 times in one year. Contac Person: Sukaryo (081913762000)

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The Birthday of Ibrahim Asmoro Qondi

Time: 23-26 July 2016
Points: Tomb of Ibrahim Asmoro Qondi, Palang, Tuban

This is a religious activity in commemoration of the death of Ibrahim Asmoro Qondi by holding various Islamic activities, like Khotamul quran, Pengajians akbar and many more

Kwan Sing Tee Koen Birthday

Time: Month July 2016
Place: Kwan Sing Bio Temple

A religious activity in commemoration of Kongco birthday, the god Kwan Sing Tee Koen, worshiped god of Kwan Sing Bio temple,Tuban. Various rituals are held for people of Confucianism as well as for the general public, among others, Praying together, lion and dragon sai dance and The entertainment stage

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Surabaya City


Time: July 2016
Location: Taman Budaya, G-Walk

This is the Art and cultural exchange activities between the city of Surabaya with foreign sister city (Busan Korea, Kochi Japan, Malaysia, etc.) also with City / Regency in Indonesia to show variety of art and culture from each region and state.

Remo Festival

Time: Month July 2016
Venue: Balai Pemuda

Remo is a traditional dance that usually performed in the series of Ludrukn performance, and beyond that is usually performed as an opening dance for welcoming guests in a ceremonial occasions.

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Kediri Regency

Week Culture & Tourism Kediri Regency 2016

Time: July 31-August 6, 2016
Points: Simpang Lima Gumul, Kediri regency

This event is the promotion of tourism, arts and culture as well as other areas in Kediri that combined with an exhibition of handicrafts, SMEs, and trade.

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Kediri City

Rainbow Culture

Time: July 2016
Location: City of Kediri

Festival Warrior

Time: July 2016
Location: City of Kediri

Nusantara Arts Culture Parade

Time: July 2016
Location: City of Kediri

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