June Tourism Calendar

Malang City

Religi Arts Festival

Time: Week 1, June 2016
Points: Krida Budaya Park

Performing arts and culture in order to enliven the Islamic holy month of Ramadan

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East Java Culinary Festival

Time: June 2016
Location: Regencies and Cities in East Java

This is an annual event organized by Disbudpar East Java Province, in an effort to introduce variety of typical food of East Java at regional, national and international, and can be expressed specifically in the hotel and restaurant as one of the potential tourist attraction culinary from East Java..

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Mojokerto Regency


Waktu : Tanggal 17 Juni 2016
Tempat : Gedung Kesenian Disporabudpar Kabupaten Mojokerto.

Pada bulan suci ramadhan diselenggarakan kegiatan tadarus puisi oleh Disporabudpar Kabupaten Mojokerto bekerjasama dengan Dewan Kesenian Kabupaten Mojokerto. Kegiatan tadarus puisi ini, tiap tahun mengambil thema yang berbeda-beda. Peserta berasal dari pelajar, sastrawan maupun dari komunitas sastra se- Jawa Timur dan menghadirkan narasumber yang berkompeten.

Patrol Music Festival

Time: June 24, 2016
Location: in the Great Hall Trowulan

Patrol music is a tradition in Ramadan that initialing the tradition when people waking up the others for having breakfast to start the fasting. this event is held regularly every year since 2001.

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Reyog Performance at the end of the month

Time: 20 JUNI 2016
Location: Main Stage Alun Alun Ponorogo

This reog performance is held regularly every night during the full moon on the date of 14th, night 15th of Javanese month. The full moon Reyog Performance begins with the appearance of the dance studios that been scheduled participating these activities. The peak of the event closed with Reyog  performance that starts at 20.00 s / d 23:00 pm.


Time: Saturday, June 18, 2016, 19:00 AM Jam s / d completed
Location: Arts Building, Jl. Scout 19 A Ponorogo


Waktu : 20 JUNI 2016
Lokasi : Panggung Utama Alun Alun Ponorogo

Pentas Reyog bulan purnama dilaksanakan secara rutin tiap malam bulan purnama pada tanggal 14 malam 15 bulan Jawa. Penampilan reyog bulan purnama diawali dengan penampilan tari-tarian dari sanggar yang telah dijadwalkan dan dari sekolah-sekolahan yang berpartisipasi ikut mengisi kegiatan tersebut. Dan pada puncak acara ditutup dengan penampilan Reyog dan dimulai pada pukul 20.00 s/d 23.00 WIB.

Leather puppet Performance at the end of the month

Time: June 25, 2016
Lokasi :

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Blitar Regency

Tumpeng Nusantara Carnival

Time: June 2016
Location: Nglegok District, Blitar

Tumpeng Nusantara carnival is an annual cultural event that initiated by LP2BN (Institute for Protecting and Conserving Culture Collection) and is held to commemorate the founding of the Palah temple / Penataran Temple. Tumpeng is kind of yellow rice with numbers of condiments that simbolizing the mountain and gratitude to God Almighty for giving the grace in case of harvest, prosperity and good health. Others are aimed for special purpose and celebration.

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Purnama Seruling Penataran Performance

Time: June 2016
Location: Penataran Tourism Site

This is a routine activity that been held in three months by Blitar Arts Council during the full moon, by performing foreign artists and outsite the areas. The schedule of events can be viewed on the web

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Patrol Music Festival

Time: June 2016
Place: University of Jember

Patrol music is a tradition in Ramadan that initialing the tradition when people waking up the others for having breakfast to start the fasting. this event is held regularly every year since 2001. The event is always crowded by the participants and it paraded around the University of Jember

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Leather Pupper Performance

Time: June 2016
Place: 10 sub-districts in the district. Nganjuk

This is performance of Wayang Purwo that periodically been held as an intended to preserve the culture.

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Blitar City

Birth date of Bung Karno

Time: 19 s / d June 21, 2016
Points: Gebang Palace, the amphitheater Library of Bung Karno, Bung Karno Tomb

This is the commemoration of Bung Karno Birth date who died on July 21, 1970 and memorizing the struggle and teachings of Bung Karno. The event includes: Pilgrimage Culture, Sema'an Qur'an, Interfaith prayer, reading of Yasin and Tahlil that being held in Gebang Palace or Ndalem Gebang, which was the home for Bung Karno parents, at Jl. Sultan Agung no. 69, Biltar.  

Saturday Night Cultural arts performances

Time: Every Sunday Night
Place: PIPP Blitar, Gebang Palace

Saturday Night Cultural arts performances is a weekly art show that performed by a group of traditional arts from each village in Blitar interchangeably. These art shows are intended as a form of nguri - nguri or preserving the traditional art of Javanese culture that still exist, as well as the anticipation of extinction.

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Gebyar Ramadhan

Time: The 15th day of Ramadan 20166
Points: Wahana Ekspresi Poesponegoro (WEP) Jl.Jaksa Gresik Agung Suprapto

Gebyar Ramadan is an activity in order to enliven the Holy month of Ramdhan

Gresik Hijab Festival

Time: The 15th day of fasting Ramdhan 2016
Points: Wahana Ekspresi Poesponegoro (WEP) Jl.Jaksa Gresik Agung Suprapto

Gresik Hijab Festival is an activity that aims to brighten the hijab among Muslim communities in Gresik in order to strengthen the image of the City of Santri. The activity also aims to boost the Convection Clothing, mukena and headscarves industry in Gresik.

Gresik Culinary Festival

Time: The 15th day of Ramadan 2016
Points: Wahana Ekspresi Poesponegoro (WEP) Jl.Jaksa Gresik Agung Suprapto

Gresik Culinary Festival is an activity in order to preserve and develop the special culinary from Gresik.

Sangring / Chicken compote  

Place: Gumeno Village, Manyar district
Time: Ramadan fasting hours to 23 in 2016

Sangring (Kolak Ayam) is a tradition to present Chicken Kolak from Gumeno village communities, Manyar district on the night of 23 Ramadan, which was originally intended to cure diseases and health-giving.

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Madiun City

The Anniversary of Madiun Local Government

Time: June 2016
Location: Madiun

This is the Anniversary of Madiun Government that routinely celebrated in June. It begins with a flag ceremony, then continued with a series of events to commemorate the anniversary.

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Probolinggo City

SPKP (Semarak Pagi Kota Probolinggo)

Time: June 2016
Location: City of Probolinggo

Semarak Pagi Kota Probolinggo  is a street bazaar that been held by the City of Probolinggo in every month. There are arious kinds of excellent products also exhibited in these activities; it starts from  5:30 to 11:00 pm. These activities are oriented to explore the potential of social economy through an active role on education and the private sector in community empowerment.

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Probolinggo Regency

Mountain Jazz

Time: June 2016
Location: Sukapura Village, Bromo Mt

This is music performances that held regularly every year. The idea of this event is taken from Java Banana hotel owner in Sukapura, Bromo region. Jazz Mountains featuring music with open concepts and it present some of the leading artists and guest stars from Jakarta.


Time: June 2016
Location: Krucil, Tiris

Saka Tourism is an activity that is carried out at some popular sites in Probolinggo.


Waktu : Setiap 13-15 sya’ban (Mei 2016)
Merupakan ritual adat bersih desa Blimbing Kec. Klabang yang dilakukan secara rutin setiap tahun oleh masyarakat secara gotong royong. Upacara adat ini untuk memohon keselamatan, perlindungan & kesejahteraan serta kemakmuran bagi warga masyarakat Desa Blimbing Kec. Klabang. Pada ritual ini ditampilkan atraksi ojung serta atraksi singo ulung sebagai lambang sejarah berdirinya Desa Blimbing oleh Juk Seng / Mbah Singo.

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Time: June 2016
Points: Megaasri Peak, Sempol District, Bondowoso

This event is seried of National Paragliding that been held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia in 2016, followed by the paragliding athletes and sports aviation from all over Indonesia. In addition to sports, this event is also an effort to promote and develop tourism in Bondowoso to be more recognized both nationally and internationally.

Agate & Gemstone National Bazaar

Time: June 2016
Points: GOR Pelita Bondowoso

This activity is kind of promotion and exhibition for agate precious stones in national level which held by the government regency in an effort to introduce the potential of agate and gemstone in Bondowoso while increasing the intensity of the creative economy.

Arabica coffee great harvest

Time: Every June s / d September 2016
Place: Sempol District, Bondowoso Regency

This is the time for harvesting Arabica coffee, either the Arabica Arabica coffee from PTPN XII or from the society of Sempol. The visitors can follow the process of harvesting the coffee from the proces of picking, sorting, drying up the beans into the coffee grounds and make it into baverages.

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Rontek Fastival Pacitan

Time: Held in every 3rd week of the fasting month in 2016
Place: Pacitan Square

Pacitan Rontek Festival is an activity that held every year in the month of Ramadan and it  becomes a highly value festival in case of art and culture.

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PERMATA ( Perkemahan Akhir Tahun Ajaran) Last Semester Camp

Time: June 2016
Points: Campgrounds Kosambiwojo Wonosalam.

This camp is implemented every year  and followed by Gadingmangu Boarding School from all over Indonesia, the total number reached 1,500 people and it visited by 25,000 people. This activity is filled with lecture / discussion, bazaar / SMEs schools, performing arts, social gathering in the form of distribution of food, and out bound.

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Patrol Race

Time: The month of Ramadan (June / July 2016)
Location: Lamongan Square

The competition is implemented to preserve the tradition of waking people for sahur during Ramadan

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Kediri City

Culinary Festival

Time: June-July, 2016
Location: Jl. Dhoho

This festival is performing foods from Kediri and it followed by the public soceity in order to enliven Anniversary of Kediri (Kediri in a week)

Doho Street Festival

Time: June-July, 2016
Location: Jl. Dhoho

Brantas River Festival

Time: June-July, 2016
Location: River Brantas

Larung Sesaji

Time: June-July, 2016
Location: River Brantas

This is a ritual for thanksgiving from the local peopal by floating the offering for gratitude to the God Almighty

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The Election of Gus And Yuk Tourism Ambassador of Mojokerto

Time: June 2016, In order to celebrating the birthday of Mojokerto in 19.00 WIB (Grand Final)
Place: Mojokerto government hall and GOR Majapahit Jl. Gajahmada 145 and 147 Mojokerto

Event: The election of Gus and Yuk (Tourism Ambassador) Mojokerto. 

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