March Tourism Calendar

Blitar City

Cultural arts performances NIGHT WEEKLY

Time: Every Sunday Night
Place: PIPP Blitar, Gebang Palace

Art show every night is a weekly art show staged by a group of traditional arts of each - each village se Blitar interchangeably. Art show is intended as a form of nguri - nguri (preserve) the traditional art of Javanese culture that still exist, as well as the anticipation of extinction.

Melasti ceremony

Time: March 2016
Location: Jolosutro Beach , Wates District

This is a welcome event for Nyepi Day for Hindu follower. These are the series of Nyepi Day ceremony as the embodiment of Hindu gratitude to God Almighty to carry out prayers and offerings of crops that floated to the sea ( god Varuna) and it been followed by all Hindus in the district of Blitar.
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Purnama Seruling Penataran

Time: March 2016
Location: Penataran Tourism Area

This is a routine activity that carried out 3 in months by the Arts Council of Blitar during the full moon, by presenting foreign artists. The schedule of events can be found on the web

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The Cultural Week to Celebrate the Anniversary of Gresik

Time: March 9, 2016
Place: Starts from the Giri Kedaton site (Village Sidomukti) to Gresik Square (jl. KH Wahid Hasyim)

Cultural Parade is a series of activities to commemorate the anniversary of Gresik held in March that been celebrate each year. Moreover, this  also the commemoration for the trail of Kanjeng Sunan Giri coronation as Prabu Satmata and revive the indigenous Gresik culture in symbolic in the form of performance, pageantry and theatrical. This parade is being held in order to maintain continuity and bring new creativity by Gresik younger generation.

Adat Manten Gresik

Time: 10-11 March 2016
Place: Wahana Ekspresi Poesponegoro (WEP) JL.Jaksa Agung Suprapto Gresik

Adat Manten is an activity to give the introduction or to enlighten people about the indigenous wedding from Gresik and the recognition about patterns and organizing a series of custom wedding in Gresik. Besides, it also displayed the various arts in the implementation of the Indigenous Bride and Groom from Gresik.

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Malang City

Art & Culture Celebration in UPT Tareko

Time: The first Sunday in March 2016
Place: Malang Recreation Park (Tareko)

Performing the arts performances regularly at Taman Rekreasi Kota Malang (TAREKO) or Malang Recreation Park


Time: March 2016
Place: Tlogomas Recreation Park, Malang

Festival / traditional culinary competition in East Java

Traditional Arts performances And New Creation

Time: Week 3, March 2016
Place: In Front Of Malang City Hall

Traditional Performances and Malangan contemporary art

Photo Contest for Museum, Sites, BCB and Malang Movie Culture

Time: Week 4, March 2016
Place: Malang City Hall

The photo contest in the framework of Objects of Cultural preservation

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The Election of Raka Raki Tourism Ambassador of East Java 2016

Time: March 2016
Location: East Java

The Election of Raka Raki Tourism Ambassador is an effort to increase professionalism for young achievers in the fields of Culture and Tourism as well as to support the Government of East Java. The Election of Raka Raki Tourism Ambassador is followed by Tourism Ambassador from 38 regencies / cities in East Java.

The Election of Ambassador Dancer of East Java

Time: March 2016
Location: East Java

This election is organized by East Java province Tourism and Culture officers  that have aims to select reliable and talented dancers from East Java who can dance well for at least two dances which originate from the five regions in East Java. This activity is to increase the love of young generation to the art of dance in East Java as well as to preserve it.

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Full Moon Reog Performance

Time: January 25, 2016
Location: Main Stage, Ponorogo Time Square

This reog performance is held regularly every night during the full moon on the date of 14th, night 15th of Javanese month. The full moon Reyog Performance begins with the appearance of the dance studios that been scheduled participating these activities. The peak of the event closed with  Reyog  performance that starts that starts at 20.00 s / d 23:00 pm

Leather puppet Performance at The End of the Month

Time: March 30, 2016

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Kediri Regency

Kediri Anniversary 2016

Time: March 25, 2016
Place: Simpang Lima Gumul area, Kediri District

This activity is held to commemorate the appearance of Kadirianniversary and to memorize Kediri during the kingdom era, Dutch colonial, The independence and up to now.


Time: 26 - March 27, 2016
Place: Simpang Lima Gumul Convention Hall, Kab. Kediri

This is the event of APKI (Indonesian Koi Lovers Association) that been held in several cities in Indonesia to promote and to  introduce to the general public about koi carp as freshwater fish ornamental value. This activity is an exhibition of koi fish from number of categories.

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Jalanidipuja Ceremony Balekambang

Time: March 2016
Location: Balekambang Beach, Malang regency

The feast of Hindus that being held three days before Nyepi and suran in Balekambang.

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Pasuruan Pesona Festival / March Costumes

Time: March
Location: Untung Suropati Sport Area Jl. Wahidin - Jl. Panglima Sudirman Kebonagung

Pasuruan Pesona Festival is one of the latest ideas in order to preserve the local culture. This event involves all elements of society, both from students and Pasuruan Government Employee, those are very enthusiastic to participate in this event.

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Mojokerto City

Mojokerto Traditional Food Festival

Time: March 2016
Place: Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Mojokerto

Mojokerto traditional food festival is an attempt from Mojokerto government  to create new creations from local food by involving various circles of society.

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Probolinggo City

Probolinggo Morning Spirit

Time: March 2016
Location: City of Probolinggo

SPKP is a city street bazaar, this activity is held by the City of Probolinggo in every month. There are arious kinds of excellent products are exhibited in this activities, and it been held from 5:30 to 11:00 pm.

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Wayang Purwo Leather Puppet

Waktu : March2016
Place: 10 sub-districts in Nganjuk

This is performance of Wayang Purwo that periodically been held as an intended to preserve the culture.

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People and Culture Parade

Time: March 2016
Location: Square and Jalan Protocol Kabuapten Sidoarjo

This is an annual event in order to celebrate the anniversary day of Sidoarjo with series of activities such as Cultural Parade, People's Party (providing free Sidoarjo traditional food), Leather Puppet Show and Bedoyo dance performances.

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