Kebo-Keboan Traditional Ceremony

Kebo-Keboan is one ceremonies that being held by Banyuwangi People. From early begin, the ceremony was held to invoke the rain during the dry season and as a repellent reinforcements. In this ceremony, there are several interesting attractions to see and become an annual tourism event from Banyuwangi.

Someone who elected to become a buffalo man in this ceremony should be dressed to resemble buffalo (Kebo), which was given horns and black color throughout the body. It symbolizes that the buffalo is a powerful beast and become the foundation of the community who are farmers. Kebo-keboan is implemented in almost every Osing village in the Singojuruh district, such as Alasmalang and Aliyan village. In Aliyan Village, determining whose the Buffalo man is not determined by traditional leaders, but the ancestral spirits who choose anyone who becomes keboan. While in Alasmalang, villagers who becomes the buffalo man chosen by Alasmalang village indigenous leaders.

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