Amaris Hotel Ponorogo


CONVENIENCE AND COMFORT IN ‘REOG CITY’ The East Java town of Ponorogo is also known as ‘Reog City’ because of its links to the Reog dance - a classic tale of princes, princesses, and the trials and tribulations of love. Performed during wedding ceremonies and national holidays, as well as during the full moon, the Reog dance features extravagant lion masks adorned with peafowl feathers. With one foot in the hills and the other on the plains, Ponorogo is also known for its abundance and variety of agricultural produce, including rice, tobacco, plantains, corn, soy beans and many more.With easy access to surrounding tourist attractions of outstanding natural beauty such as Ngebel Lake, Ngembag Park and the Pletuk Waterfall, Amaris Hotel Ponorogo is a true haven for travelers seeking to explore this fascinating region.Created to meet the needs of the modern-day urban professional, every Amaris hotel offers a stylish yet affordable alternative, complete with modern amenties and professional service.


Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 19
Ponorogo, East Java

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