Lampung Krakatoa Festival 2019


On August 21-25, 2019, the spotlight will shift to the remnants of the mighty Krakatau Volcano in the Sunda Strait located between Java and Sumatra, when the Lampung Krakatoa Festival 2019 takes place. As the main event of Lampung, the southernmost province in Sumatra, the festival aims to promote Lampung and all its wonders as one of Indonesia's main tourist destinations. The four main activities scheduled for the 2019 Lampung Krakatau Festival are the Enchantment of Sai Bumi Ruwa Jurai's Sparkle, Expo Krakatau Lampung, Krakatau Trip and Lampung Cultural and Tapis Carnival.


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Wed Aug 21, 2019
To: Aug 25, 2019

Bandar Lampung, Lampung

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