Kelud Volcano Road Run 2017


Kelud Volcano Road Run 2017, extreme run event 10K which is held in Kelud Kediri, East Java. As we all know that Kelud which only has a height of 1,731 mdpl are popular of its powerful eruption in 2014 ago. But not only that, Mount Kelud also has a lot of surprises and natural beauty that is currently not much exposed by tourists. Running down the road to the top of Kelud is an unparalleled delight because you will be spoiled by the beauty of Kelud mountain which is now beginning to bloom and dominated by a soothing green eye. During the journey, you will pass through forest area, Mystery Street, Rest area of Lembo Suro, pineapple plantation, strawberry, coffee and clove and Kampung Madu. Besides enjoying the beautiful panorama of Kelud, your adrenaline will be tested with road conditions that will be used as the location of this event. With a distance of 10K and has a 654 meter elevation certainly your adventure side will increase along with the climbs that dominate this KVRR route.


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Sun Oct 8, 2017
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Mount Kelud, Kediri - Indonesia

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