Jawa Post Fit East Java Marathon 2017


The first-ever major running event, the Jawa Pos Fit East Java Half Marathon 2016, was a great success. Over 3.200 runners started the event, going over the famous Suramadu Bridge, linking the islands of Java and Madura.

As promised, the half-marathon event was just a start. This 2017, we are going for the full distance. Jawa Pos Fit East Java Marathon 2017 will be held in the same area, going over the same bridge. Presenting the participants with the same unbeatable sensation while providing more challenge.

We are not the first marathon event in Indonesia, but we strive to be the best organized marathon event in Indonesia. For those who ran with us last year, we hope you will enjoy the new challenge this year. For those who did not make it last year, we hope you will not miss it again this year. Because you will miss an amazing event!


Thank you and stay fit!


East Java Information Center

Phone: +62 31 8702211

Website: http://lariku.info/JawaPosFit

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Sun Nov 12, 2017
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Suramadu Bridge, Kenjeran, Surabaya, East Java

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