Bull Racing of Sumenep (Guluk-Guluk)


Madura has some interesting tourist attractions. One of them is Karapan Sapi. The foreign tourists called it with Madura Traditional Bull Racing Festival. Every years traditional bull racing festival are held from the sub district level until karesidenan. Beside Karapan Sapi there is alsi has Sapi Sono’ contest that perform by the cows. At Sumenep, there is also a festival like karapan sapi. It is traditional buffalo festival.

Kerapan sapi or Karapan Sapi is a term to called the cows race that comes from Madura, East Java. At this race, a couple of cows pulls something like cart that made from wood and it is used for the man as jockey. The jockey stands and controlsthe couple of cows to be driven at a speed race competition againts the others cows couple.

The lenght of the track race is 100 meters. This race usually needs ten seconds until one minute. Some towns at Madura held Karapan Sapi at May and August and every year. On this year, Sumenep as the regency to get the Bull Racing Festival.

Venue: Guluk Guluk District

Time: at 9 am, Sunday


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Guluk-Guluk District of Sumenep Regency

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