Banyuwangi Festival 2019


Banyuwangi Underwater Festival which went on for three days will be held in the marine tourism region in Bangsring Underwater, subdistrict Wongsorejo Banyuwangi. There will be an assortment of one of a kind exercises that will shading the occasion, from" Nemo Dancing" 48 long stretches of Nemo angle perception, gandrung move on the sea floor, marine training, paddling rivalries, beach front running rivalries, submerged photography. In the wake of Bangsring Underwater will be trailed by Fishing Festival occasion on Saturday 7/4. Angling rivalry that happens on the north side of Grand Watu Dodol Beach will be breathed life into many specialists angling amidst the ocean. Banyuwangi race run Ijen Green Run occasion will be held on Sunday 8 April morning with a begin at the rest territory of ??Tamansari, District of Licin. Running in the wild trail run, welcomes members to contend sports while getting a charge out of the regular appeal of hilly territories Ijen the cool and green. This year there will be 77 appealing tourism occasions that will investigate expressions of the human experience of culture, common excellence, games to an assortment of potential territories that will positively be an intriguing display for travelers. Marking Banyuwangi as the city of celebration ought to have quality occasions during the time Banyuwangi Festival urges travelers to visit Banyuwangi on the grounds that consistently can see the jamboree and celebration. Source:


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