Agro Tour Package (EJ03-2D1N)

batuRoute: Surabaya – Sien Orchid – Safari Park – Apple Plantation – Tea
Horticulture – Surabaya

Day1: Arrive in Juanda Airport, you will pick up by our guide to Orchid Sien. Here you can found several of Orchids and other rare plantation. After that, we are going to Prigen Safari Park, in this location you can found numbers of animals like: tiger, lion, komodo, elf. Etc

Day2: On second day you will take to Apple plantation area in Batu.
Here you can take apple from the trees and you can also buy souvenir by the local area. Then, this journey will be end by visiting Wonosari Tea Horticulture, Malang. You can enjoying the scent of tea, breathing in very fresh air and enjoying the scenery of Arjuno Mountain. Then, we can return to Surabaya.

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