Kertowono Tea Plantation in Lumajang

Directly picking tea in the tea plantation certainly be a pretty impressive tourist experience. The chilly air with the expanse of tea gardens are beautiful and verdant as if the natural nuances. Also with the activities. Also with the activities of tea pickers there to be an endless beauty to be enjoyed and captured with the camera.

Enchantment of beauty that you can get by visiting Kertowono Tea Plantation in Lumajang Regency, East Java.

In the area dubbed as Banana City known as “Kota Pisang” has many areas that are in the highlands. One of them is Guci Alit area located about 35 km from downtown. In the area there is a tourist destination that is quite interesting, namely Guci Alit Tea Plantation area or commonly called by the name “Kertowono Tea Plantation”. This area is under the auspices of PT. Perkebunan Nasional XII (PTPN XII) with a commodity mainstay in the form of tea from a very wide tea garden.

Kertowono Tea Plantation Gucialit Lumajang is a tourist destination that you must be visited because of wonderful nature surrounded by the hills. Local residents of Kertowono Tea Garden are also very hospitable towards local and foreign tourists.

If you stay at this plantation, many resorts have been provided by the visitors will be treated to beauty of Lumajang city at night from the top of tea plantation and see beautiful star while enjoying a cup of warm tea. In the morning can enjoy beauty of the sun staring universe and sunrise at the top of the tea plantation. Visitors can take an educational tour to the tea factory to see how the kertowono tea processing is the world’s quality tea.

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Presenting A Breathtaking Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

There is always the splendour coming in mind. It is proven from the number of local and international tourist who have visited and have posted various charming visualizations.

The Tumpak Sewu Waterfall or popularly know as the Paradise Cliff is a tourism object presenting a breathtaking waterfall beauty. Located at Sidomulyo tourism village, Pronojiwo district, Lumajang, East Java. It is 55 km to the southern. It takes approximately two hours from the city area of Lumajang.

After arriving there, you will be entertained by the scenery and the beauty of the amazing waterfall pouring naturally fresh water sourced from Semeru mountain. The term Tumpak Sewu is defined as cumulative waterfalls meaning the combination of several magnificent waterfalls.

From the starting point at entrance gate, you need to walk down to the main point for 15 minutes on foot through easy path. The people of local tourism village are special. They help each other to build the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall by setting the wood path and constructing the road from some self-help voluntarily.

At this point, you will witness the wonderful beauty of the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. The cliff stands high surrounded by waterfalls. Almost half of the cliff circle surrounded by evergreen trees is so natural. Here are two spots for you capturing amazing moments with partners, friends or family.

You can stand on the low point and go up a bit to get a perfect angle of high view. Here you can read some captions igniting our deep feeling of care and politeness to the nature as the local people do, like “do not kill anything here but time, and do not take anything here but photographs”, pretty creative.

If you loves challenges and adventures, you can go down the cliff through the available path managed by the staff of Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. You can go down the bamboo steps and walk down across some small waterfalls. The shoes you put on should be well considered, too, since the path is quite hard and slippery.

At the low point, you will go across the stream surrounded by the huge cliffs standing out. After going across the river, you will witness a breathtaking scenery right after the rounded waterfall, it takes only 30 minutes.

If you finish enjoying the beauty of the nature of Sidomulyo village, you can see the activities of local people drying cloves. The cloves dried by sunlight will release a good smell originally from Sidomulyo village.

How to Get There:
Tumpak Sewu Waterfall located at Sidomulyo village, Pronojiwo district approximately 55 km to the southern of Lumajang takes 2 hours trip.

Surabaya bus station/ Malang – Wonorejo bus station – Pronojiwo bus station – Tumpak Sewu waterfall
Jember bus station/ Banyuwangi – Wonorejo bus station – Pronojiwo bus station – Tumpak Sewu waterfall


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Nasi Serpang, Traditional Dishes From Bangkalan, Madura – East Java











Nasi Serpang is typical mix rice with numbers of side dishes like Pepes Tongkol or steam spices cob, spices shell, sweet spices glass noddle, salted egg, shrimp paste sambal, spices cracker, fried meat and lung chips. It rich and spicy, like Madura itself.

There is no vegetable in NasiSerpang, the fluffiness of the rice is becomes the main signature of this menu. Moreover, the spicy taste in every condiment is also taking the lead. Nasi Serpang can be found in Bangkalan, and we have to take the line since early in the morning during breakfast. After 6-7Am, the menu will be sold out.
Nasi Serpang is one of culinary destination while visiting Madura. It rich, spices and sweet and the same time.

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The East Java’s Little Africa, Baluran National Park

Many people may think that it is Africa – savannah along with its free wild animal. NO, it is not Africa yet it is known as The Little Africa or Africa van Java. Such scene can be found in East Java which is precisely located in Situbondo, though it is nearer to Banyuwangi. Offering the experience like in Africa, Baluran National Park has many tourism spots that you will regret to miss. Luckily, the access to visit this tourist destination is practically easy. Those who’re coming from Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya, do follow the route ahead to Bali and you will find the main gate of Baluran National Park at Situbondo-Banyuwangi street.

Baluran National Park is located in Wonorejo village, Banyuputih – Situbondo. Many scientists come to visit and do their research in this conservation area which they call it as the best place in Indonesia for observing the savanna wildlife. A direct encounter with the endangered Banteng (Bos Javanicus), wild boars, deer, monkey, panther, peacock, and many more seems to be a wild yet exciting experience. Originally, the name of Baluran is taken from a near-mount in this area called Mt. Baluran. Moreover, Baluran National Park is also mentioned as the forest miniature of Indonesia. It is due to the existence of almost all forest type in Indonesia can be found here such as coastal forest on beaches and dunes, tidal forest such as mangrove, wetland, evergreen, and more or less 40% is savanna.

In starting the journey in Baluran National Park, first you will get the very refreshing green view of what so called as the season forest which turn into yellowish in summer. Then for about six to nine kilometers from the entrance gate, you will find the Evergreen. As the name suggested, it is always green with its dense trees. Following the path, the wide-open savannah will greet you with may give you different of vibe based on when you visit: a green and refreshing view during the rainy season and a dry and yellowish view in the summer. Actually, this savannah is the largest savanna in Java Island and it is called as Bekol Savannah. Besides that, a clan of deer is freely live their life and that is when you encounter the African-like setting.

The next is beach time. The wide sea and white sand along the beach look heavenly beautiful. But before that, you can say Hi! to monkey community. Go early in the day and you will witness the sunrise. Adoring the scene, building a castle sand, snorkeling, or canoeing? Your journey is incomplete without enjoying those activities. Have an urge to stay longer and need accommodation? Don’t worry! Bama Beach provides two lodgings within the area. First you can book to Wisma Kapidada with its four bedrooms. Second is Wisma Pilang with only a bedroom but it enables you along with your five friend to comfortably stay in. You may ask for extra bed if you need it. So.. prepare your backpack and go visit Baluran National Park in East Java for creating your-another-escape to refresh your mind.

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Petik Laut, An Annual Ceremony To Give Thanks To The Almighty


Petik laut ceremony is an annual ceremony which is held by the Situbondo fisherman as a thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bless and kindness from the harvest sea times and safety during fishing time regarding the storm and blizzard.
This ritual is always being attended by thousand fisherman groups, especially from Panarukan. The ceremony itself is nowadays become more modern, starring by artists, traditional performances, music performances, Dangdut orchestra and Gandrung Banyuwangi. There is also “Pengajian” competion, games and sort of.

The main ritual from “Petik Laut” Ceremony is floating the ‘Sesaji’ in the middle of the sea, ‘Sesaji’ is the things to be dedicated to the God, it is contain of foods, rice, spices, but the most important is Cow’s head. The ‘sesaji’ boat, is already been prayed of before floated in the middle of the sea. This ceremony is a kind of cultural and national heritage, but the things done by the local society, including the fund. The local inhabitants are also the contributors for this ceremony. The inhabitants believe by doing this ceremonial will save the fisherman while they are fishing toward storm and will have more bless and harvest.

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Pump the Adrenaline at Tempoeran River Tubing

Going on an adventure is not the end of a journey, but a learning which you can get from life. There are many sides of adventure you can enjoy. Lumajang is the rich place of nature which brings us into an adventure.

Tempoeran Tubing Adventure, located 200 meter from the south of teak wood at Tempuran districr, Lumajang, East Java will challenge us to go along its cascade. Along 4 km through the river for two hours, we will be tossed on a big rubber tyre.

This adventure is so fun and challenging. It is even more fun to enjoy it with friends and family. Before it starts, the instructor will explain some ways to try their tubing. The current is quite normal at the beginning. However, after 10 minutes, we will be challenged to face a strong river stream. It is suggested to follow the stream, to keep our body balanced, and to stay on the rubber tyre.

When we pass through a strong river flow, there is a guide for two tubing participants, so the safety and comfort keep coming first. If our position is not at the right place to pass through the strong one, they will stop us and reset our position to avoid falling down the river. However, the sensation of tubing is not only about following the strong stream but also about falling down from the easy cascade if our position is not stable.

After an hour going through the river, you can take a break while enjoying a glass of warm ginger milk from the guides to keep us warm. Here you can swim and jump into the depth of the river at the break point.

After enjoying the glass of warm ginger milk, we will try a deeper cascade at this point. It needs your skill to control your balance on tyre to avoid falling down. It also requires focus to avoid rocks hurting our body.

How to Get There:
It is located at Senduro district, Tempuran, on the southern of Lumajang downtown taking 90 minutes trip.

Surabaya/ Malang bus station – Wonorejo bus station – Klojen intersection – Senduro market
Jember/ Banyuwangi bus station – Wonorejo station – Klojen intersection – Senduro market.

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Jember Fashion Carnaval 2017 Presents the Theme “Victory”

Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) will be held on August 9 – 13 at Jember Square, Jember, East Java. The International event entered its 16th presents the theme “Victory”. JFC President Dynad Fariz explained that Victory means “kemenangan”. For this theme is because at the age of 16th has incised many victories in the world.

Like the Best National Costume Miss International 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, Best National Costume Miss Supranational 2014 in Warsaw, Poland, Best National Costume Miss Universe 2014 in Florida, USA Best National Costume Miss Supranational 2015 in Warsaw, Poland, Best National Costume Miss Grand International 2016 in Las Vegas United States and Best National Costume Miss Tourism International 2016 in Malaysia.

This year, the carnival will involve participation of more than 1,000 talents ranging from kindergarten students to the general public. These are Jember’s finest boys and girls who will show off this spectacular style across the 3.6 km runway right in the heart of Jember city. As in previous years, the event will also be complemented with a conference and a fashion exhibition.

According to Vice President of JFC, Suyanto, JFC has earned its place among world’s international fashion carnivals.  Therefore, next year the carnival will collaborate with carnival drum bands “Eventually, JFC will grow equal to other world carnivals such as the one in Pasadena, USA” said Suyanto.

Further adding, that for JFC 2018, the carnival will invite international participants from other countries. “ Up to now, we have  international participants, but they came individually. So, in the future we plan to invite full delegations” said Suyanto.  Furthermore, JFC is projected to be part of a more professional annual MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition)  event in Jember.

For its  outstanding initiative and consistent performance, Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya designated Jember as Indonesia’s Carnaval City. Having  successfully and consistently staged  JFC for 16th years in a row, JFC has emerged as an outstanding icon for Jember. “I am confident that  the city of Jember with its Fashion Carnaval will attract more tourists not only from all over the country but also from the rest of the world.” Said Minister Arief Yahya.

To get to Jember you can fly to Banyuwangi airport from Jakarta by Nam Air. By August 2017 the Jakarta-Banyuwangi route will also be served by Garuda Indonesia. From Banyuwangi there are taxis or rented cars available to take you to the town of Jember.   

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SINE BEACH: Sunrise Beach in Tulungagung

Have you ever heard Sine Beach? Hear the name, Tulungagung and surrounding communities may have familiar. Due to the beach has long been discovered and be fishing village. Besides the name is also used as the name of the bay where the beach is located.

The best sunrise in Tulungagung supported by the coast facing the east. To get to Sine beach you may find Tulungagung city center. From Tulungagung to reach the beach are quite easy. This is because one of the main beaches and fishing center in Tulungagung regency. The road to the beach has been seamlessly, so visitors who use motorcycles or cars do not need to worry about the road traversed.

From the city center of Tulungagung, visitors can pass through the following routes:

  • From Tulungagung terminal eastwards towards Sumbergempol district or Blitar.
  • Continue until the red light intersection. This intersection is called Gragalan. Located on the east side STKIP PGRI and STAIN Tulungagung. Intersection is before the railway crossing.
  • From Gragalan crossroad turn right
  • Follow the road until you reach Kalidawir district
  • Arriving at the market of Kalidawir turn right
  • Follow the road continues up to Sine Beach. On the roadside there are many signs

The Best Time to Sine Beach

The best thing in Sine Beach is Sunrise, so visitors are advised to arrive as early in the morning and clear sky. If you want to watch the sunrise on this beach is recommended for camping on the campground along the area because it is generally the time required from the downtown Tulungagung to the beach are spending time about one to two hours so if you want to immediately have to leave before dawn.

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Awesome Scenery of Mamburit Island in Sumenep

The natural beauty owned Indonesia is feasible to explore deeper. As well as the pearl tucked away in the east of Java Island, precisely in the eastern area of Madura archipelago. You can find Mamburit Island with the stunning charm both above and below the sea surface.

Mamburit Island is located in Sumenep, Madura Island of East Java Province. The island is also part of Kangean Island region. Although the access to reach to Mamburit Island not so easy, but when you are arrive in Mamburit Island you will be presented with the awesome scenery.

For Local Tourist, the beauty of this island has not been widely recognized, but not for the international traveler, the island was known as a hidden paradise and become one of the holiday destinations in the Indonesian archipelago.

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Look at Dusk on the Beach

Trenggalek, one of regencies in the southern part of Java, exactly on East Java province. Situated in the southern of Java bordered by the ocean. So that has many beautiful series beaches that worthy to visit, one of those are Karanggongso Beach.

Karanggongso Beach is lies on the Tasikmadu village, Watulimo village, approximately 52 km from Trenggalek town. The favorite beaches are visited by residents of Trenggalek and surroundings because beside its beautiful beaches, has complete facilities, easily accessible and adjacent to other beaches such as, Prigi Beach, Pasir Putih Beach, Mbangko’an Beach, Watu Lunyu Beach, Cengkrong Beach, and others.

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