Spectacular Views of Tampora Beach at Situbondo

Tampora beach was a sea of people, with barely a pebble visible
among the bodies, it was time to reveal a few hidden beach
or pretty little cove that remain uncrowded even on a sunny weekend.

There’s never any doubt about escaping crowds at Tampora beach.
This beach remains hidden from view by hill and forest (Wana Wisata).
Like all the quiet beaches, it takes a little effort to get there and
there’s nothing there (no hotel), except white pebbled sand, spectacular
views of Tampora Beach, sheltering cliffs, rock pools and clear water.

To reach the beach you must follow the Pantura road, after passing
Probolinggo-Situbondo border look out for a left turn (north) then
entering the gate of Wana Wisata. Another easiest acces is from a
signpost of Tirta shrimp-farm near Masjid Al-Barokah.


More details: http://situbondo.eastjava.com


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