Schedule Of Bull Race Madura 2015

The Latest Schedule of Bull Race Madura (Kerapan Sapi) 2015

Agility contest bull racing is competition awaited by many people, especially for those who want to find entertainment in holiday or the photographers who want to capture fast movement of bull running from the line start to finish. Besides the visitors who wants to know the original tradition of Madura is from a variety of locations ranging from local to foreign tourists gather together to watch the racing pairs of cows.

Various classes of Bull Race divided into several versions namely:

  • Kerapan Kecil (Little Racing)

Bull Race is done for pairs of cows that are still in the stage of just learning to run.

  • Kerapan Besar (Big Racing)

Bull race is often done at the district level of the selection result or the winners of Bull Race at district level or Kawedanan.

  • Kerapan Undangan (Invitation Racing)

Bull race competition are invited either from within or outside the district for the purpose or there is a specific event such as welcome royal guests.

  • Kerapan Sapi Tingkat Karesidenan (President Cup Trophy)

Bull race event that is prestigious because the winner from 4 District namely Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep gathering into one to be the fastest Bull Race in Madura Island or even the World (because only in Indonesia for Bull Race event).


For the visitors, they need a definite schedule to attend this event and it takes information that is accurate to be able to come watch this prestigious event.

Below, Sakera will give the information on the implementation or Bull Race Schedule in Madura Island from various sources:


Jadwal Kerapan Sapi Madura 2015 Terbaru


– Schedule subject to change at any time without prior notice.

More info:


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