In order to support Visit Probolinggo City Program, Impressive City, the government of Probolinggo City in the near future will hold a tourism event, namely SEMIPRO (Seminggu di Kota Probolinggo). Named SEMIPRO because there are a series of cultural events, competition/ festival, cultural parade, entertainment and exhibition became a superior performance that will be presented for a full week. The hope tourists can enjoy a variety of tourist attraction in the SEMIPRO event. The long of stay of tourists in Probolinggo City becomes longer, so that the velocity of economic activity will be higher. The government of Probolinggo City will organize a series of activity in Semipro annual tourist event, ranging from Pre SEMIPRO activities that will be held on 22 to 26 of August and the main activity SEMIPRO on 28 of August to 5 of September, of starting at 8:00 to 22:00 pm. In the 2015’s, SEMIPRO had entered the seventh year in its implementation, and can we say that the benefits of the organization of SEMIPRO events had multiple effects and directly able to increase the economic. So the presence of SEMIPRO event from year to year is very awaited by the local community.

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