Sumber Pitu Waterfall, the Natural Seven Springs Waterfall in Malang

Sumber Pitu Waterfall or the locals named Umbulan Pitu is the waterfall lies on the western area of Mount Bromo National Park. Precisely, in Duwet Krajan village, Tumpang district of Malang regency. This waterfall is about 30 km from the downtown of Malang, this is one of the largest springs in Duwet Krajan village.

Sumber Pitu Waterfall ( the seven springs) come from the springs that emerge at seven points where are almost adjacent. Uniquely, this springs are in the cliffs and the water gushes out from the ground immediately as the waterfalls in a huge number. The discharge of the seven springs is up to 1,600 L / sec. As we know that there are many springs and the discharge of  the water that comes out , this is a possibility that the seven springs (coban pitu) are the underground river.

Not so far from sumber Pitu ( the seven springs ) there is also Ringin Gantung waterfall. Named Ringin because there are many banyan trees ( in javanese called as ringin ) hanging on the wall of the waterfall cliff. This waterfall is large enough with a height  about 30-45 meters. Beside that, some distance from the seven springs (sumber pitu ) point, we can find two caves. To enter these attractions is no charge or free of charge.

Sumber Pitu becomes the new tourist attraction in Malang, that must be visited because the waterfall was once very beautiful and natural. Around the waterfall is also many attractions that can be explored to spend your holiday in Malang city.

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