Srau Beach, Beautiful Paradise of Pacitan Beach – East Java

Srau Beach

Srau Beach is natural beach has the high cliffs and typical of many wild plants that still look lush and natural. In addition, many small islands that are uninhabited whenever hard hit by the waves, will add to the beauty of the beach panorama. The beach is located in Candi village, Pringkuku, about 25 km towards west of Pacitan city. Srau Beach consisting of three small bays separated by rocky hills. Each bay has a clean white sand beach with an unspoiled natural condition.

Srau beach has three locations of beach, the first beach is behind at entrance post of Srau beach tourism. This location is very clear waters with the dominant blue color means not a lot of algae and its depth is quite terrible. To condition the sandy tidal region is not rocky, and the waves were quite fierce as it is often not very high.

The second beach is located down a small paved road from the guard post at the entrance to the west. In this location, we can meet the merchants drinks and food to hold merchandise. The beach conditions at both locations have the waves are quite tame, but still dangerous. Conditions sandy beach but there are also rocks, but not as much as the first location. In Srau beach is often used as the spot of surfing, not only by locals, but also by foreign tourists.

The third location, which is a favorite location of tourists who love the beauty of the sunset, located to the west of the location of the second or located on the most western part of Srau beach. In this location there are facilities in the form of a small bridge. From the platform we can enjoy the charming view of the sunset.

To enjoy a slightly different view of the beach, take a walk to the top of the hill on the coast, which is also a fishing spot commonly known to the locals. But you need to be careful when crossing the narrow and rocky path right at the edge of a cliff.

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