Teleng Ria Beach, for Surfing Sport Lover in Pacitan

Teleng Ria is a tourism object remains a top choice for a visit in Pacitan. Teleng Ria beach is a sea or land jutting into the bay called. The beach is attractive for surfers that love to challenge. Offers the beautiful panoramic, the beach was in Pacitan District, about 3 Km from the city center, flanked by two plateau that is part of the limestone mountains that stretch south from Mount Kidul to Trenggalek, overlooking Ocean Indonesia.

Various facilities and public facilities are available including road infrastructure, parking, praying, toilet. There Pandangn relay to enjoy the sea breeze south, Swimming Pool and Playcentre children, open art platform, Lodging Budoyo Versatile and Camp area, Fishing arenas and restaurants that provide foods of Pacitan and souvenir stalls. Besides the beach was also used for fish landing place (TPI) so that visitors can buy fresh fish.

Although the south coast, but the waves on the Teleng Ria relatively small, is quite good for surfing sports lovers, especially those who are still in the novice category. Between June-August Teleng Ria beach as a place of migration group of jellyfish purple.

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