Grenjengan Waterfall, Popular Waterfall on Pacet Tourism in Mojokerto

Grenjengan Waterfall is one of tourism object that located in Pacet Tourism Area in the slopes of Mount Wilerang. Actually, not only Grenjengan Waterfall that lies on this area, but there are still several waterfalls that surrounding this area, one of those are Coban Canggu Waterfall. Bur that more popular both of this waterfall. This waterfall is located in Padusan village, Pacet district, Mojokerto regency of East Java.

Grenjengan Waterfall is about 25-30 kilometers from Mojokerto to Pacet. From the main entrance in the tourist hot Padusan journey continued on foot to take a right turn towards the rocky uphill road and passed a small stream far more than 1 kilometers.

This waterfall location did not seem seriously managed by the local government. This is evident from some of the facilities are not yet available as the path is still rocky and narrow making it difficult for visitors to come, especially when passing each other.

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