Kastoba Lake, Natural Beauty Lake in Bawean Island

Kastoba Lake

Kastoba is the one and only lake on the island of Bawean. The name was similar to Lake Toba in North Sumatra. The lake is still very natural and beauty. To get to the lake which is located on top of the hill, we will penetrate the forest with the trees, and passes high cliffs with footpaths that are still steep. Calm and crystal clear waters of Lake Kastoba lest you miss. Those who would like to swim, there is no prohibition to enjoy the thrill of swimming in the lake that holds this Bawean folklore.

Kastoba lake is located in Paromaan village, Tambak district, Gresik regency of East Java. It was on the peak height in the middle of Bawean Island. With the facilities offers there you can enjoy the scenery groove of giant trees hundreds years. In this place there are a variety of rare species of insects that would be impossible with the different kind of insects in the country, so this location has a tremendous appeal and a difficult comparison to the other tourist attraction and is a comfort for nature lovers.

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