Ranu Grati, Natural Lake in Pasuruan

Ranu Grati or Lake Grati is one of nature tourism object in Pasuruan regency. With an area of 198 hectares, Ranu Grati lake is located between three villages in Grati district, Sumberdawesari village, Ranuklindungan village, and Gratitunon village. The population living around Ranu Grati about 18,564 inhabitants. Location Ranu Grati lake is in the south not far off the northern coast between segments Pasuruan – Probolinggo. Ranu Grati lake olden until now widely used by people around to earn fishing, lake region Ranu Grati (usually in the west) lots of standing cages to catch fish.

Around the 2000s, the government began to introduce this Ranu Grati lake Pasuruan tourism, by convening a wide range of activities and national level events, such as event namely Competition Water Sports level Java-Bali. Perhaps with this activity Pasuruan government hopes to introduce this Ranu Grati tourism for Indonesian citizens. To Reach the Ranu Grati can be taken approximately 30 minutes from the town of Pasuruan and Probolinggo and 90 minutes from Mount Bromo tourist area.


More info visit: http://pasuruan.eastjava.com

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