Sembulungan Beach, Natural Beach on the Tip of Java – Banyuwangi

Sembulungan Beach is a natural marine tourist that located in Sembulungan Peninsula. Precisely in the eastern of Muncar district, Banyuwangi, East Java. Sembulungan Beach itself into the eastern tip of Java Island.

Actually the location of Sembulungan Beach is separated from the mainland of Muncar district, so that there is only one access to transportation that can be used to get Sembulungan Beach from Muncar district, is the traditional boats that use a machine.

Status Sembulungan beach itself into the National Park Alas Purwo (TNAP). So visitors are required to take care of licensing. By taking care of licensing in the administration office TNAP, visitors have easy to cross, because TNAP officer will provide a boat crossing as well as a guide on the way to Sembulungan Beach.
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