The Beauty Pidakan Beach in Pacitan – East Java

Pacitan regency is well-known with tourism potential, especially coastal tourism and a thousand of caves. One of the coastal tourism is Pidakan Beach. This beach is famous for its pebbles beach that have a variety of shapes and sizes.

Pidakan beach is located in Godek Kulon subvillage, Jetak village, Tulakan distric, Pacitan regency. The trip take about 30 kilometers to the east from central of pacitan. The visitors can get there by motor cycle or car by Jalur Lintas Selatan (South Line Road). The road is wide and smooth and the location of Pidakan beach is near the road Jalur Lintas Selatan (JLS).

The Pidakan beach is very beautiful beach indeed, coral, pebbles, and white sand are spreading along the shore.

Recently, the facilities in Pidakan Beach is more complete than years ago. There are camping ground for the visitor who want to stay here. The toilet and bathroom is rather clean. There are some food stalls around the beach.


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