The Color Slight On Bratang Flower Market – Surabaya

Bratang Flower Market - Surabaya

Bratang Flower Market

Bratang flower market is traditional flower market in Surabaya, precisely in Bratang street. At early begin, it was just small area that inhabited by 5 sellers from kayoon market, fortunately, this small area become large and develop since 1990s.

Today, the market is already organized; the cleanliness is already maintained and this make convenient for the visitors who want to buy flowers. Moreover, the facilities in the market are getting better, like the parking lot that is relatively safe and nice. Do not worry about the criminality during your shopping, because this area is safe from those disturbances.

At a glance, this flower market seems like an ordinary flower market, which there is numbers of ornamental plants that neatly arranged in the overhang booths, the colorful leaves and flowers that really attractive, the soothing green leaves and the fragrance.

Bratang flower market is standing on more than 2400 m2 area. There are more than 200 booths measuring 3×4 meters in every stall in the market area. And more than 65 people florists live and run the businesses.

Bratang flower market is open 24 hours a day, although some stalls closed at six o’clock. But there are few booths remain open. The visitors are mostly come on weekends, it starts from morning to the evening. Bratang flower market is the most complete market than any other florists. For instance, when in other places is very difficult to get Toga plant (Family Medicine Plantation), here on Bratang is available.

The location is very strategic because it is located near to the terminal of Bratang. It is also near to Manyar Megah Indah shopping complex and also near to bird & fish market.

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