East Java on April 2012

The East Java’s Calendar of Events 2012 contains the schedule of some traditional ceremonies, traditions, festivals and performances which held in the cities and the regencies in East Java. It is designed to promote and to publicize the tourism agenda in the whole area in East Java.

It is important to inform that the local communities usually determine the schedules of the ceremonial events by using the calendars of Javanese, Moslem, and Hindu Tenggerese. Therefore, to assure the exact date of the events, it is advisable to confirm the local Government Tourist Offices.

We hope the East Java’s Calendar of Events 2012 will be helpful and useful for visitors and travelers.

April Tourism Calendar

1 April

Blitar Anniversary

This annual event is celebrate to commemorate the anniversary day of Blitar city. This celebration is include :

  1. Flag ceremony of old Blitar. This activity is very interesting and unique because all of the participants of the ceremony are using Dutch wardrobes from Colonial era.
  2. Bazar and Traditional Arts. This exhibition contains vintage nuanced, and lively arts traditional include: jaranan, Gambyong Classical Dance, Keroncong, Mocopat, kentrung, Cokekan, Ketoprak and musical performances.
  3. As a peak event, there will be an all-night puppet show at the Mayor’s Office field of Blitar, that preceded by a fireworks show.

Location: Blitar City Square

April 9 to 10


In order to commemorate the anniversary Nganjuk Regency, there will be range of activities to celebrate this event. It starts with celebration of Boyong Pemerintahan, or Government mass convoy to regency hall. It followed by the Regent, the government officers and local societies. Those participants are using royal carriage, traditional dokar, padicap or vintage motorcycle for ride. Moreover, all participants are dressed in traditional Javanese clothes.
Location: Berbek Sub-district, Nganjuk Square and Regency Hall, Nganjuk city


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