East Java On January 2012

There are various ceremonies and traditions among East Java communities, in relation with religiosity, it held regularly on every year, and becomes special attraction that are quite interesting to see. The arts and cultural performances and the festivals that are routinely held and packaged in the tourism agenda also enrich the number of tourist attractions in East Java.

The East Java’s Calendar of Events 2012 contains the schedule of some traditional ceremonies, traditions, festivals and performances which held in the cities and the regencies in East Java. It is designed to promote and to publicize the tourism agenda in the whole area in East Java.

It is important to inform that the local communities usually determine the schedules of the ceremonial events by using the calendars of Javanese, Moslem, and Hindu Tenggerese. Therefore, to assure the exact date of the events, it is advisable to confirm the local Government Tourist Offices.

We hope the East Java’s Calendar of Events 2012 will be helpful and useful for visitors and travelers.


This annual ceremony is such a thanksgiving traditional ceremony to God for giving the bless and security among the fishermen
Location: Bluru village, Sidoarjo
January – December

Jawi’s Temple Full Moon Eve

This is one of the routine activities that always be held during full moon in Jawi Temple. This activity is also become the attractive moment to promote Jawi Temple, as one of tourism destination in Pasuruan Regency.
Location: Jawi Temple, Prigen Sub-district, Pasuruan.

Cultural Art Degree

This event is about celebrating the art potentials in Sidoarjo and make it to be one of the tourism attractions in Sidoarjo. Moreover, it can also increase the economic value among Sidoarjo societies.
Location: Sidoarjo

Band Parade

This event is held to be a media for those who want to express their ability in music, by performing groups of band from junior to senior highschools in Kediri.
Location: Mount Kelud tourism area


Jogging Track Mojokerto is typical of night attraction at Mojokerto. The visitors can enjoy the nuance of hanging out at night and take some traditional foods around Brantas river and Gajah Mada bridge.
Location: Along Hayam Wuruk street, Mojokerto

BENPAS Culinary Tour

Benpas is an acronym of Benteng Pancasila. This location is always being crowded by the visitors who want to spend the time and enjoy the dining. There are numbers of menus that offered along the street. There are traditional foods to western one.
Moreover, there is also street vendors that sell affordable household equipments, clothes, accessories and more. Those who want to join morning gymnastic, can be arrive before 5 am in the morning and feel the very fresh air of Mojokerto.
Location: Along Benteng Pancasila street, Mojokerto
Time: 05.00 – 10.00


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