East Java On September

The East Java’s Calendar of Events 2011 contains the schedule of some traditional ceremonies, traditions, festivals and performances which held in the cities and the regencies in East Java. It is designed to promote and to publicize the tourism agenda in the whole area in East Java.

It is important to inform that the local communities usually determine the schedules of the ceremonial events by using the calendars of Javanese, Moslem, and Hindu Tenggerese. Therefore, to assure the exact date of the events, it is advisable to confirm the local Government Tourist Offices.

We hope the East Java’s Calendar of Events 2011 will be helpful and useful for visitors and travelers.

1 – 7 September – SEBLANG OLEHSARI

Seblang is a ceremony of village purification highlighted with mystical traditional dance called Seblang. Women will play it for seven days in row. This ritual dance aims to drive away the evil spirit. In the last day, the dancers parade throughout the village by distributing some flowers and the villagers try to get and keep it at their home as an amulet.
Location: Glagah, Banyuwangi Regency
8 September – FISH AUCTION

It is held to welcome Idul Fitri highlighted with special fish (Bandeng) auction. The fish is taken from either dry water or salty one.
Location: Market, Gresik Regency


The religious rituals of Hindu society that are consecutively held in 3 days before Nyepi holiday on the beach of Balekambang. The ceremony launches offerings to the sea to express thanksgiving and pray together to drive away the evil spirit.
Location: Sendang Biru Beach, Tambakrejo, Malang Regency

It is a tradtional ceremony held by Tennggerese commmunity for seven days consecutively in the hope to keep alive the custom and tradition. It is highlighted with traditional dances like Sodoran, Ojung and Nyadran.
Location: Tosari, Pasuruan Regency.
September – SKILOT

To celebrate the seventh day after Lebaran Day, the Pasuruan community holds the competition of sky on the mud.
Location: Lekok, Pasuruan Regency


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