Al-Akbar Great Mosque

Al Akbar Mosque - Surabaya

Al Akbar Mosque

Al-Akbar Great mosque is located in Pagesangan Street, Jambangan sub-district, Surabaya. It was built in August, 4 1995 and was inaugurated on November 10, 2000 by Mr. President KH Abdurrahman Wahid.

Al-Akbar mosque is such a magnificent and modern mosque that has been known in Asia and Worldwide. This mosque is become another icon from Surabaya relating the religious tourism site. Al-Akbar mosque is the second largest mosque after Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta.

Al-Akbar Great mosque has 11.2 hectare area with a building area of 28,509 square meters, 147 meters long, 128 meters wide. This mosque has two-story and being equipped by elevators and towers. The visitor who give visit to the mosque can enjoy the views of Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Bangkalan on the top of the tower, which has 99 meters high. With only Rp. 3000 per person to go to the tower.

The mosque is equipped with various amenities and facilities such as; the secretariat office, As-Shofa Al-Marwah room which has 36 mx 42 m wide square equipped with a stage exhibition carpet, sound system, air conditioned, 3 wifi spots, 100 pieces seats, dressing room and toilet and can accommodate 2000 invitations.

The unique impression of this building lies in the unique design of the dome which like the structure of the leaves , with building structure combination between dark blue and green color that gives the impression of cool and peace. It has a main building and two other buildings that can be penetrate directly into the main building.

The exterior of the mosque is decorated with various shades of carving and calligraphy. The entrance to the mosque consists of 45 main doors, and everything is made by carved teak wood. While, the interior of the mosque is decorated by carvings ornamental and calligraphy which is very dominant adorning the walls of the mosque. There is Koran shelves scattered throughout the mosque and at the top of the interior there is calligraphy ornament which has 180 meters long with one meter width.

More about the architecture, the beauty of the mosque is completely supporting by good lighting. Starting from the lighting in the building, yard, garden, until the lights that illuminating the dome and minarets.

Furthermore, the mosque becomes more magnificent by the beauty of glass ornaments in the interior decoration. The carving art glass has become a strength and beauty of its own in the field of exterior and interior, beside, it is useful to saving the energy and to muffle the noise.

Apart from being a place of worship, this mosque is also reserved for Islamic syiar. It is proved by the islamic activities like Islamic marriage ceremony often conducted in areas of Zam-Zam with facilitad by wide parking space. There is also the Zaitun venue and and Yasmin which are reserved for the Haji, recitation and religious counseling.

Overall, aside from the commercial things, the mosque is literally the place to worship Him and become the home for those who lose and exhausted, and everyone is welcome to be home.

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