Peneleh Fruit Market

Peneleh Fruit Market - Surabaya

Peneleh Fruit Market
(The Traditional Fruit Market Since 19th Century)

Peneleh Fruit Market is other traditional fruit market in Surabaya like Widodaren market, Pawiyatan Fruit Market and Dupak Fruit Market. At early begin, there was Balinese that visit to Surabaya which try to look for better life. Because at that moment there was many buses from Bali which its passenger was downwards around Peneleh Street Surabaya, for loading and unloading at elbow Bali Hotel, Singaraja Hotel.

The Balinese brought fruits in large number and it became increase. Hence, to fulfill the request needed the Balines put the fruits in Peneleh and also become the main market in Surabaya. It was a lady named Made Prami who become pioneer of Peneleh Fruit Market.

Grape, was first commodity that commercialized and made Penenleh market become popular as Grape Fruit Market. Grape and Rambutan delivered from Singaraja regency and, Salak (fruit of palm) were coming from Sibetan-Karangasem.
Till now, the fruit consumers feel love to trade here because it is located in strategic area. Besides Grape, there are also Salak Pondoh, Apples from Batu, Palembang and Banjarnegara. Along the existence of Peneleh and Achmad Jais Street, there are also merchant who has shop or large building to sell import fruit.

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