Surabaya Sweet Rojak

Sweet Rujak - Surabaya

Rujak Manis Dr. Soetomo Surabaya

Indonesia have different kind of Rujak or Rojak, there is Rujak Uleg or Rujak Manis.

Rujak uleg, is kind of Surabaya traditional salad with black shrimp paste sauce, there are vegetables and cinngur.

While, Rujak manis, is kind of fruit salad with hot and sweet sauce made by Aren sugar and bean. The fruit is commonly taken from semi raw mango, star fruit, ambarella, bengkoang, guava, pineapple, water melon, jack fruit, apple, tofu, papaya, melon, cashew, cucumber, bell fruit, complete with krupuk or cracker.

The famous rujak manis in Surabaya is located along in Dr.Soetomo and Polisi Istimewa street. There are lots of barrow along the street, but you can choose the best one. Even though, all of those sellers have the same menu.

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