Pasar Atum Surabaya

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Pasar Atum

Pasar Atom Surabaya

Pasar Atom or Atom Market shooping center is located in Bunguran Street Surabaya. Pasar Atom is not typically as the real traditional pasar, but we cannot also say to be a mall or plaza. The building is seems like plaza, but most of the vendors allow the buyer to do bargain. The products available is also vary from the utilities, garment, foods or even jewelry.

Pasar Atom is typical as China Town in Surabaya, not only because of the most visitors are coming from Tionghoa ethnic, but also the location of the place is settled on China Town. Hence, we can see the acculturation between the local society and also from the Tionghoa culture. The acculturation shown from the visitors and the products. Moreover, we can find a lot of Javanese-Chinese Culinary in Pasar Atom, and there are some more from other Indonesia culture and tribes.
The number of the visitors can reach 20.000 until 30.000 per day, and can reach almost 50.000 in week end. The most visitors coming from Surabaya, but there is also visitors from outside Surabaya, like Sidoarjo or Malang.

Pasar Atom has 8 floors at most, which is the first floor to the fourth floor is used to be shooping center, and the rest are used to be parking lot.

It was established in 1960, the Atom Market continues to grow until now. Furthermore, there is now Atom Mall that interconnected to Atom market. The building in Atom Mall is new and more less like plaza or the common mall, having AC and tidier that Atom Market. But, for those who like being conventional with the products in Atom Market will be still fanaticaly goes to the old Atom. We cannot insist that Atom market offers more products, especially its culinary products.

The most famous culinary in Atom market is Cakueh Udang Peneleh, Nasi Udang Bu Rudi, Ote-Ote Porong and many more Surabaya’s traditional foods. We can agree that Atom Market is a little slight of Surabaya itself.

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