The Tofu And The Lentho

Tofu And Lentho - Surabaya

Lontong Balap

Lontong balap is one of traditional foods from East Java, precisely from Surabaya. Lontong balap is consist of lontong or sticky rice cake, bean sprout, tofu and lentho. Lentho is more or less like fried cake, which is made by cassava and cowpea, it is tasty and make particular crunchy-ness in Lontong balap. It becomes more yummy by garlic dressing sauce and hot shrimp paste.
Moreover, when eating Lontong balap, do no forget to complete it with Sate Kerang or scallop satai and coconut ice.

Why this food named by Lontong Balap, because formerly, when the people who sell Lontong Balap they used heavy-barrel-shaped and bear it to the whole city. This barrel make the seller had to walk as fast as they can, seems like someone who taking a race. Balap is taken from Javanese language, balapan, means racing. Recently, we can find Lontong balap in stall or barrow.

We can find some Lontong Balap in all over Surabaya, whether in stall or barrow. Fortunately, the most popular Lontong Balap in Surabaya is located in Kranggan street, there are some stalls over the street that offering Lontong balap as their main menu, but the most special one is belong to Lontong Balap Garuda by Pak Gendut. It becomes famous for the different taste within the ingredients, and that makes Lontong Balap Pak Gendut being famous by people from outside Surabaya. Pak Gendut in Bahasa means Mr. Chubby, this is because the seller having particular outlook chubby and being recognized in his trademark.

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