Gereja Katolik Kepanjen

Kepanjen Church - Surabaya

Catholic Church Kelahiran Santa Perawan Maria

Catholic church of Kelahiran Santa Perawan Maria is the oldest church in Surabaya, and being famous by its name of Kepanjen Catholic church for it located in Kepanjen Street, Surabaya, aside with Frateran Catolic Senior high school.

Before the build of this Catholic Church, there was a first European-style Catholic Church in Surabaya street located in corner of Kepanjen and Kebonrojo. At first, the two priests on July 12, 1810, Hendricus Waanders and Phillipus Wedding came from the Netherlands by boat to Surabaya. Wedding priest then assigned to Batavia while Father Waanders settled in Surabaya.

Pastor Waanders often had service for Catholics church in Surabaya. And the number of people was increase, and it made the Catholics planted to build a Catholic church. And only in the year 1822, the Catholics was built a church to realize the first in a corner of Roomsche Kerkstraat / Komedie Weg (Kepanjen / Kebonrojo).

However, recently the first Catholic church was moved into new premises in the north, precisely in the Kepanjen street, South Krembangan, North Surabaya. This is because the old church was damaged.

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