Rambutan On Bakti Alam Farm

Bakti Alam Agro - Pasuruan

Bakti Alam Agrotourism

Bakti alam agro-tourism, is located in Nongkojajar, Pasuruan, East Java. Precisely on Ngembal village, Tutur sub district at an altitude of 450 to 550 elevation. It was open on 1998, and along with its development, Bhakti Alam is already complete the collection of their exotic plants.

We can get many things by visiting Bhakti Alam, instead of we can enjoy the diversity of tropical plants which we can also take the fruit when we met in its season, we can also relaxing our tense during the week days and daily routines.

There are some interesting spots that we can explore in Bhakti Alam, like
– Garden tropical plants, like Durian, Longan, Rose water and many more
– Dairy cattle
– Milk Procession
– Green house
– Training nursery / plant propagation
– Camping ground and outbound

Bhakti Alam is about 55 Km far from Surabaya, 30 Km from Malang and easy to be access. For those whose on the way from Malang and Surabaya t to visit Mount Bromo, it is recommended to “stopping by” at Bhakti Nature before continuing the trip to Mount Bromo.

With its altitude and position, we can see the beauty of the ocean, bordering the town of Pasuruan with an open sea. It is become more beautiful when the lights out, flickered the ship visible at night.

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