Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular

BNS or Batu Night Spectacular is one of tourism attraction in Batu city. Located in 30 KM on western part of Malang city or 30 minutes drive. Regarding the name, Batu Night Spectacular is open daily for night tourism attractive, it open from 15.00 PM until 02.00 AM. Hence, for those who want to spend the night enjoying the different nuance and fresh air in Batu, BNS is highly recommended to be visit.

The entry fee for BNS is only Rp. 10.000 per person and the visitors will enjoy the facilities inside the venue. Like any other recreational place, BNS have some things to be offered like, the flying bicycle, horror theme spot, the longest go-cart circuit, drag race and slalom, and many more.

BNS also supported by his unique location in the highlands, in other side you can enjoy the “mini Malang” scenery. The sparkling lights at night in Marvelous Malang will escort your leisure time in some cafes. Look around for 4-D cinema, the food court, and the dancing fountains. Please go to night market then find your need, and local souvenirs there. At the food court you can find the musical stage to accompany your meals.

When the night is getting dark, the visitors can enjoy the bright colorful lantern in many shapes and hues. Those lanterns are place in Lanterns Garden with colorful steps among the wet grasses. The lanterns are in the shape of cute things like heron, dragonfly, garden of roses, swan or else.

Moreover, in BNS you can find great experience through the laser show at a giant screen, it will give you another sensations. The screen is about 50 feet above us, the visitors are invited to enjoy their space tour.

Your night will be unforgettable by enjoying the different BNS and have a great experience on it.

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