“Wadjah Lama Soerabaia 1890-1940” is an exhibition that performing Surabaya old pictures which was happened from 1890-1940. This exhibition is held in Graha Wismilak from 18 November – 25 November 2010.

It is Said Faisal Basymeleh, the owner of 150 framed photographs of some 2000 collection, that has the idea to showing off the old pictures of Surabaya, which is supported by Von Faber Cagar Budaya, Surabaya Heritage and Graha Wismilak.

Said Faisal Basymeleh was just a Philately, but his hobby brings many more advantages and become significant cultural heritages for this day.

His passion to collect stamps begins when he visited the Netherlands in the 90’s. He found a pictorial stamp of sarong shop owned by his grandfather on Panggung Street. He was touched, and he bought it.
It turns out that hobby did not stop until nowadays. He still keeps on searching for Surabaya photos at past times. In fact, he helped by his friends who living in the Netherlands to collect those classic photographs.

Most of the collection he got from Netherland, specially from Netherland Antique Shop. This could be because of the Netherlands was colonizing Indonesia, that makes the goods are about Indonesia.

For the visitors who want to see this exhibition, get ready to looking around to the city of Surabaya in past time. You will be escorted through the area of Tanjung Perak, Wonokromo, old Kalimas, Jembatan Merah, Kembang Jepun, Mbibis, Songoyudan, Slompretan, KH Mansour, Veterans, Kebonrojo, Gubeng, Tunjungan, Simpang Raya Darmo, Tegalsari until Diponegoro.

Said grateful to collect those priceless photographs that show the beauty and glory of the past Surabaya. He is also proud to be citizens of Surabaya that many historic relics bequeathed to the people. Therefore, he hopes the public and government to preserve the cultural heritage in case of tourism attraction.

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