Sate Klopo Ondomohen, Surabaya

Sate Klopo Ondomohen - Surabaya

Sate Klopo Ondomohen, Surabaya

Sate klopo Ondomohen is officially trade marked by Bu Asih, located in the alley of Ondomohen, Magersari II, Walikota Mustajab street, Surabaya, East Java. This food is being famous among Surabaya people who are fanatics of Sate.

Sate or satay or sometimes written satai is food made from pieces of meat, like chicken, goats, sheep, cows, pigs, fish, etc. that are cut into small pieces, and pierced with skewers prick which is usually made of bamboo, then burnt using charcoal embers. Sate is then presented with a variety of seasonings sauce, which depends on satay recipe variations.

Hence, Indonesia have some numbers of satai, which derive from the material or the seasoning. Sate klopo is particularly satai that made from meat which cover with coconut sprinkle. Then it burn like any other satai. You can choose rice or cake rice or lontong to complete your dish. Moreover, there will be Poya or Serundeng in your rice or lontong. Poya is made of finely grated coconut and flavored, and it roasted and pounded. The taste is not sweet like any other serundeng, but it tends to be tasty.

Beside meat, you can choose other part of the meat like the marrow, fat, muscle, or intestine to be Satay Klopo. The dressing sauce is made of peanut sauce. The taste of the sauce is not too sweet and spicy enough, but there will be some chili bean added for those who like more spice

According to Mrs. Asih, this business was begin since 1945 that founded by her mother in law. This stall is open daily start from 6.30 until 23.00. The preparation before it open is since 01.00 in the morning and there will be lots of visitors crowdedly come to eat sate klopo. Mrs. Asih will gain profit Millions Rupiah a day.

Every day Mrs. Asih spends not less than 25 kg of beef or about 2,500 skewers. The cost to enjoy this sate is about Rp. 16.000 per portion for whole meat sate without lontong. There will be Rp.3000 more for lontong or rice. The price is different among other meat.

The place to enjoy sate klopo is situated around the shady Surabaya, which is there are lots of trees in here and there and that makes the cozy atmosphere when enjoying the dishes for your lunch. Do not worry about the smokes that puffing out from the roasting, there is kind of chimney that sucking in the smoke, moreover, it smells good anyway.

Ready for lunch…

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