French Cultural Center Surabaya

French Cultural Center - Surabaya

CCCL Surabaya

Centre Culturel et de Coopération Linguistique de Surabaya or CCCL Surabaya is one of the 430 French cultural centers which is spread through the 150 nations. CCCL Surabaya, that is under the French embassy in Jakarta, was exist since 1967 with the primary mission of introducing and working with local governments in the field of arts and culture, language and science.
CCCL Surabaya as one of East Java cultural site is usually held some workshops, exhibitions, seminars, discussions and cultural art performances in case of France cultural acknowledge.
CCCL Surabaya also give advantages by giving a course to whom that want to speak French. The teacher is coming from the local teacher or from native speaker with complete instrument and tools to support the teaching & learning program.
Some of facilities that CCCL Surabaya provides to the visitors are:
– Media tech, include of 5000 books, 19 types of magazine, 500 movies, 400 music CD and CD-Rom, completed with Internet Wi-fi
– Cinema, the CCCL Surabaya is sometimes held French / Europe Festival Cinema, for at least once a week.
– Campus France, it is located on Jakarta office center. This one is being provide to help out the students who want to join at any universities in France.
– Garden Cafe, is a nice place to hang out and enjoy the taste à la France with the atmosphere of salon de thé, the proper place to spend the time of being French.
Consulate, is provided for the citizen who want to make Visa to France.
To introduce the language, ideas and creations of art and culture of France, the French cultural Centers, opening the door for the public so they can learn and utilize all services provided by the mediatech in addition to share the collection of books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, Internet and etc. Also, it presents cultural arts programs throughout the year that eclectic.

In Indonesia, this network has 4 French Cultural Center, (Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bandung), and 8 Alliances Françaises. Everything becomes the main container for the meetings between Indonesia and France, share the idea of art and culture, and do not preclude other possibilities.

French Cultural Center in Surabaya, which occupies an ancient building of colonial architecture with a beautiful garden, since 40 years ago, offers a peaceful oasis in the heart of Surabaya. A favorite place for young people to learn French, enrich knowledge in MediaTek, hold and enjoy the exhibits, watch a movie or just hang out at the café located on the back porch. French Cultural Center in Surabaya is also listed as an expert in French language teaching in Surabaya, in which tthe students can also follow the international certification exam.

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