Rujak Uleg Festival

Rujak Uleg Festival 2010

Surabaya “Rujak Uleg” Festival

Indonesia have different kind of Rujak or Rojak, there is Rujak Uleg or Rujak Manis.

Rujak uleg, is one of traditional foods which commonly come from East Java, especially from Surabaya. Rujak uleg is kind of salad with shrimp paste sauce that pestle with bean, chilli and garlic. While, the salad is about cucumber, bean sprout, water spinach, cake rice or lontong, tofu, soy bean cake or tempe, pineapple.

While, Rujak manis, is kind of fruit salad with hot and sweet sauce made by Aren sugar and bean. The fruit is commonly taken from semi raw mango, star fruit, ambarella, bengkoang, guava, pineapple, water melon, jack fruit, apple, tofu, papaya, melon, cashew, cucumber, bell fruit, complete with krupuk or cracker.

On May 9, 2010, there was the 7th Rujak Uleg Festival that being held to celebrate the 717 years of Surabaya Anniversary. There was 1.250 participants join this festival at Kembang Jepun street, Surabaya.

Rujak Uleg Festival is an annual festival in Surabaya. The participants are coming from the local inhabitants or coming from out of Surabaya that mostly come from Rujak Uleg sellers from all over area in East Java.

The participants are have to wear particular outfit that performing uniqueness and cheerfulness among others, like, army look, fisherman look, the wayang figures like Hanoman, Gatot Kaca; clown, and many more.

Beside the way the participants dressing up their look, they are also dressing up their Rujak to be more beautiful and attractive. This event was very lively, because the committee will find the winner among hundreds of participants who followed the event to get special prizes.

This festival was so stunning and can’t hardly wait to see the next festival next years with bunch of cheerfulness and shows.

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