Kebun Bibit, Surabaya City Park

Kebun Bibit - Surabaya

Kebun Bibit

Kebun bibit is an attractive garden with various plants and tropical trees. Less than thousand trees grow there so can provide a cool atmosphere, comfortable and fresh air. Beside, there is an orchid nursery areas and jogging tracks.
This park has very crowded visitors on holidays and weekend, and it is free.

At presence day, Kebun bibit Surabaya has animals like deer, monkey, and large bird cage like in a zoo.

Around the garden, there is children play ground which is also near to bird market and flourish market, complete with wide parking lot.

Kebun Bibit is such a good atmosphere for children and commonly for Surabaya people who need more fresh and refreshing air within the pollutant air.

As a family recreation spot, kebun bibit has reading corner for those who want take their time for book. Children safety outbound for small bound for children and Wireless Network Connection.

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