The Tour On Mangrove Eco-Tourism

Mangrove Eco-Tourism

The Tour on Mangrove Object

This eco-tourism in Surabaya is well-known as Pamurbaya, Pantai Timur Surabaya referred to Surabaya Eastern Beach, this object is quite new but having a rich beauty like any other objects in East Java. This object is located in Gunung Anyar, the way to UPN university and reachable by any vehicles.

The tourists that visit to this object can rent the boat to down the river that full of mangroves plantation, there is also fauna that live within the forest like monkey, type of Macaca fascicularis and water bird along the river to the mangrove station.

The journey from Gunung Anyar to Wonorejo mangrove station is about 4 km by boat. The checkpoint in this object is made of unique bamboo, stylish with the woven palm leaves. Very fit and steady in the middle of the sea. The cost for renting the boat is only Rp. 7000/ person

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