Babat Dam

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Babat Dam - Lamongan

Babat Barrage

Objectives of Babat Barrage
Habitants in the Lower Solo river basin often suffers a lack of water in dry season. The Babat barrage is one component of Long Channel Storage which is considered to water resources development in Lower Solo river basin.

Function of Babat Barrage are as follows:
a. Irrigation water supply to Jero Swamp area through intake, headrace and primary canal
b. Irrigation water supply to left bank of Lower Solo river through Jabung retarding basin
c. Domestic and industrial water supply to Kab. Tuban
d. Domestic and industrial water supply to Kab. lamongan
e. Domestic and industrial water supply to northen and central area of Kab. Gresik through Sembayat barrage.
Feature of Babat Barrage
1. Hydraulic Condition :
a. Flood discharge : 3,170 m3/sec
b. Flood water level : EL. 8.40 m
c. Full supply water level : EL. 5.70 m
d. Max. supply water discharge : 20 m3/sec
e. Tail water level
– Highest high tide level : EL. – 0.45 m
– Mean tide level : EL. – 1.29 m
– Lowest low tide level : EL. – 2.13 m

2. Basic Structural Dimensions:
1) Civil Structure
Barrage Type : Gated weir
Gate Sill Elevation : EL. – 1.30 m
Aron Elevation : EL. – 3.30 m to EL. – 3.60 m
Barrage Width : 137.50 m
Barrage Legth : 70.00 m
Foundation Type : Pile Foundation

2) Gates
Flood Gate
– Gate Type : Radial gate (one gate with flap gate)
– Clear span of gate : 15.00 m per gate
– Gate height : 7.10 m
– Gate number : 7 nos
Discharge Control Gate
– Gate type : Radial type (with flap gate)
– Clear span : 7.50 m
– Gate height : 9.00 m
– Gate number : 1 no.
Bypass Gate
– Gate type : Fixed wheel gate (4 edges rubber seal)
– Clear span : 2.05 m
– Gate height : 2.50 m
– Gate number : 2 nos

Construction Cost Rp. 162 billion (Budget Source : APBN and JBIC loan)
Contractor Civil Work PT. ADHI KARYA
Hydromechanical Work MES-WIKA JO.

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