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Food in leather cow this one seems most appropriate meals eaten with soto, meatball, which is the main saoce.
But enjoy while I can also chat, drink origin accompanied thirsty … but I guarantee delicious addicted. Cattle Rambak we sold the original cardboard village Bangsal – Mojokerto, Rp.50.000 price, – / kg  in plastic packaging @ 500gr., The condition is still raw but ready to fry unnecessary dried again delicious.

Crackers rambak in Mojokerto regency most Domas generated in the Village District and Village Trowulan Kauman District Bangsal.
The resulting production reached 15 kg / producer / day. In addition there are also rambak crackers crackers with basic materials yam tree that has a sense of potatoes from the village Domas Trowulan District and Village Dinoyo District Jatirejo. Production generated about 3 kw / day / producer.

If you visit Mojokerto Regency not bring Souvenir rambak Bangsal, many museums have not afdol rate. Strengths pencitraan Bangsal rambak make it very popular on the national level, bahka krupuk leather cow has dicitrakan as one of the industry icon Kab. Mojokerto.

About 4 kilometers from Mojokerto to the east to the event, seen in the merchant krupuk rambak offer dagangannya in kiosks roadside. They bertumpahan on the left-right along the road about 1KM. Occasionally seen one of the buyers visited the kiosk. Mengendari start of the motorcycle to the bus tour.
Krupuk rambak purchased not only rambak fries that have been packed in plastic at Rp 10,000 to Rp 30,000. However, also the raw (krecek) diborong visible.
“It has been five years I replaced the old merchandise rambak and krecek here. The result is tolerable. Can be used to pay for the study of children, “said Rahmat while serving buyers.
Rambak and krecek sold in the kiosk, the recognized father of three children, dikulak of craftsmen in Kauman-Bangsal. Location of the second place not far from the kiosk dagangannya. Wholesale enough to be with motornya.
Rambak craftsmen who are langganannya, according to him, almost all of that is in the Kauman – Bangsal. Kebiasan of the difference is not the other fellow traders. This happens because the schedule of each wholesale trader is not nearly the same as the presence rambak or krecek, offered a subscription of.
“If we wholesale fanatic on one or some of it, surely I will be busy. The existence of a rambak and krecek not sure of the time, so that craftsmen need to wholesale stalls so I did not lose, “he said.
When mengunjung Kauman village, a scene shown in the left right side of the road. Throughout the sweep of the village road, it appears tebaran tarpaulin drying krecek. So that the remaining roads are only a sedan. This is because 50% of residents of the Bangsal, services, drying, frying and distributor rambak and krecek.

Washing Process
One of the popular among each other is H. Khomsun (44th). How do I not, just over 7 years menekuni professional craftsmen krecek, former roving balloon vendors are already able to change the level of economic family, pilgrimage sekeluarga, buy cars, buy and warehouse for the business that are hundreds of million rupiah.
“Science krecek make this, I get from friends and H. Jainul my sister uterus, “said the pioneer business men with capital of Rp 9 million sale of a motorcycle.
Menekuni in the business, assisted 11 employees. Begin the process of washing and cutting. Sales turnover has reached 5 kwintal per week. Even increased during the 10 months Romadhon ton.
“Product I in several cities in East Java, such as Malang, Pasuruan, Surabaya. Even in Ambon, Kalimantan and Papua, also we serve, “said Farid Jaya owner, whose name was taken from the children first.
Business fortune, the sejaya name products. How does not. When a few months ago exhale negative issues that krecek or rambak a waste of a jacket or leather shoes, the business was not shaky. Sales numbers remain stable.
“If there is a mention of rambak is a waste. Opinion is not wrong, but the waste is. Material is krecek incision in the skin of cattle, while the skin to the outside jacket or shoes, “he said.
In hopes of waste that does not bark diplesetkan. According to him, the skin is used as material for menekuni business, is that the skin layer in the skin processing factory in Sidoarjo, Krian, and Malang. Skin condition when purchased are still raw. Not identify the rest of the leather products and leather jacket material.
However, skin that does not directly dibelinya-sliced slices. However, through some process of repeated washing, and gamping soaked in water for 40 hours. “The process of washing and soaking water gamping to remove bacteria or toxic substances-substances that stick to, so sterile and higines,” he said.

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