Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School

Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School - Malang

Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School

Salafiyah islamic boarding school, or pondok pesantren Salafiyah is located KH.Wahid Hasyim Street, Sananrejo Village, Turen district, Malang. It lies around 4 hectares area and become the religious mediator for those who want to learn about Islam and to find peace with God.

For parents who want to board out their children, they must first fill the constitution by accepting the condition from the boarding school to maintain the spiritual mind of their children.

The students, or the santri and santriwati have to obey the rules that already exist by the boarding school and obliged to follow all statement and all programs until the students are ready to graduate, and ready to mix up with the society based on the teaching methods from the boarding school.

All the teaching methods are being prepared to educate the students in order to acknowledge the Islamic theory and in order to get closer to God.

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