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Navy Museum - Surabaya

Navy Museum - Surabaya

Navy Museum

Located in Krembangan Morokrembangan District of Surabaya and surroundings Naval Academy (AAL) is to educate prospective Navy Officers and Educational Development Command Navy enlistee educational, non-commissioned officer and officer education. The complex is better known as “Earth Moro” Surabaya.

The museum of the trip begins on September 19, 1969 by the name Sea Akabri museum which was inaugurated by Mrs R Mulyadi. In accordance with the original name only for the Navy as a Midshipman Akabri studying media history. Along with the progress the museum was renamed the Navy Museum on July 10, 1973. Finally, on October 6, 1979 the name changed again to MuseumTNI-AL Crana Loka Jala.

This museum tells the history of development and struggle during the Navy Physical Revolution, a collection of guns stored warships, aircraft, helicopters, PT 76 Amphibious Tank, field artillery and air defense, firearms ranging from pistols to automatic long-barrel that is not ancient can be found elsewhere. Miniature warship KRI compact with mirror frame. Miniature is made in the original fleet that used to strengthen the Republic of Indonesia.

Collection mainstay of cannon from the warship “De Zeven Provincien” type Destroyers. The story of the struggle Indonesian sailors seized ships are owned by the Dutch East Indies on February 4, 1933. Corporal Kawilarang lead resistance and left for Surabaya to free your friends in arms, but paralyzed by the Dutch succeeded.

The most exciting ride of the visitors is the Planetarium, the simulations show the stars or heavenly bodies. Visitors invited to wander the universe to understand the concept of the universe. Dome-shaped roof of a half circle. All around the walls adorned with all the zodiac as Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini.

There is also a replica tall ship KRI trainer Dewaruci, the original is still in operation today. The ship was used to train the “Cadets” another name Midshipman AAL and often make the voyage to the various countries and even between continents in a few months.

Navy Museum is the mirror in the field of military struggle Matra Sea. It is expected that future generations can know, understand and live the struggle of the heroes so they can continue lofty ideals became heir to the State Marine. “My ancestors sailors ….

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