Ngangkah Pawon Coffee Industrial

Ngrangkah Pawon Coffee Industry - Kediri

Ngrangkah Pawon Coffee Industry - Kediri

Ngrangkah Pawon

Kediri Regency in three package tourism. That is a one day package tour visiting Ngrangkah Pawon, Mount Kelud, exploration cocoa and coffee plantations, roads and monuments in the Simpang Lima Gumul (SLG).

Consequences of increasing penchant akan meningkatkatnya consumption of chocolate is chocolate, so the increased availability of both the amount and keragaannya. The government has encouraged the development of cocoa plantations by both the government, private and people. Even to increase value-added cocoa farmers’ income, there is the development of downstream industries that are able to make a chocolate bean cocoa powder at the level of SMEs and Cooperatives. As an example that has been done by the Cooperative Employees “Robusta” PTPN XII Ngrangkah Pawon Garden, located in the village Sepawon Kediri district Plosoklaten can produce cocoa powder “Kerchen”.

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