Gresik Religious Site of Surowiti

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Religious Site Of Gresik

Religious Site Of Gresik

Welcome To Religious Site Of Surowiti

Surowiti religious historical site of Gresik regency. This place is about the historical place of some Wali in the Era of moslem the early begin. Some spots are mention as the place of one wali did their meditation in order to spoke to God and did their journey to found peace and power. There are some spots at Surowiti, such as: The tomb of Sunan Kalijaga, the tomb of Mpu Supo, the tomb of Raden Bagus Mentaram, the cave of Langseh, which is the cave of Langseh did his meditation, and the last is Lumbung cave. Here, you can find your spiritual in case of getting closer with God and found the historical journey of Moslem figures at their era.

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