Wajik, Blitar Traditional food

Blitar Traditional Food

Blitar Traditional Food

Wajik Kletik (Kletik Diamond): A Traditional Food From Blitar.

Diamond kletik processed food product is made of white sticky rice, coconut, white sugar and brown sugar.Diamond kletik have got a place in society, especially Blitar, because the price is cheap, it’s that good, so that diamond kletik into one of the excellent food products typical Blitar, in addition to that which makes the diamond kletik to be more specific because it is the klobot.
Industrial center is located on, Sultan Agung near the Gebang Ndalem, Blitar District Sananwetan City (+ 1 km east towards the central city of Blitar).

More info visit: www.blitar.eastjava.com

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